Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thursdays with "Anita"!

For the past month or so we have been having "Anita" over on Thursdays. Anita just turned seven, but is behind in her schooling and motor skills. We thought that we could help out with her by having her over one day a week. We sneak in some school on her when she thinks she is just having fun and playing games! I want our house to be a place she looks forward to coming to. Not just another place that is trying to fix her problems. So far it seems to be working, because every time I see her she asks when she is coming to our house again. It has been a pleasure to have her for the few hours each Thursday. I took pictures the day we made playdough. 

Anita and Paulita "Helping"
 She loved all the measuring, mixing, and pouring. We shredded beets and cooked them to give the playdough the red color, as I haven't found food coloring down here. I have come to prefer the beets, because it is so pretty. You drain the water off of the beets and use the water for the food coloring.
Cooking the Playdough

The finished product...perfect playdough!
 All of our younger girls had fun playing with the playdough together! They look forward to having Anita over on Thursdays too! Since we started having Anita over she has shown improvement at school. It has been rewarding to see how just one day in the week and really just a few hours can make a difference in a child's life!
Playdough Fun!


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  2. Good news from a far country! Rudi and Carla, Emily Jo, Myles, Clancy, Clara, Ruth, and Paula~~ May our Father continue to bless you and give you grace, wisdom, and joy in helping these fatherless children.

    Thank you for sharing about Anita!

    I love you all,


  3. Thanks for your posts! The Lord is working through you all in such great ways, and reading/ seeing it is so encouraging. :) Please tell everyone I say hello, and I miss you all. I am praying for you!

  4. This was an amazing post! I'm so excited that A is able to visit your house and have such a splendid time with you family and LEARN and GROW while having fun! Your family is such a blessing!!!!! Thank you!