Saturday, December 28, 2013

Planting the Garden

Down under here in Bolivia we just finished up the Spring. Of course, in Spring it is time to plant a garden. Plant a garden we did in a BIG way! Rudi had the idea to plant in the big field behind the CDA boys house just down the road from our house. Plants are inexpensive here and we were not short on workers, so we got lots planted in a short to see if it grows!
First Tio David put in lots of pipes to get water from the house to the garden.
Tio David and Clancy working on getting water to the garden....
 Next Rudi and Tio David went and filled up our car with bags of cow manure from the neighborhood behind us! I had to get a picture of all that manure in the car...
Tio David and Tio Rudi "Manure Maestros"

Bags and Bags of Manure!
 Volunteer Victoria (that has a ring to it!), the Tias and the kids all helped out!
Hard at work dumping manure into the wheel barrow!

Tia Anita y Tia Benita "Spreading the Gold for the Garden"

Tia Sarin "Goofing Off"
 First we planted onions...lots and lots of onions...maybe a thousand or more. Don't tell Tio David, but I hid a bag we were supposed to plant!!! Wow, I hope he doesn't read my blogs!
D. loved to plant those onions...

Ruth, D., Myles, and Clancy 

Lauren and Victoria "Sorting Onions" with Ruth
With all that hard work behind and in front of us, Rudi sent Tia Techy after some refresco(drinks) for all of us workers! I think that it was the favorite part of the experience for many of us!
Tia Techy serving up the pause that refreshes!
Time for drinks!

Back to Work
 In all we planted lots of corn, green beans, 500 cabbage plants, tomatoes, squash, and did I mention onions!!! Everyone has been really excited seeing the seeds and plants take root... The Lord blessed us with a week of lots of rain to get everything really soaked in. Not only has planting the garden been fun, I hope that it will yield plenty for us to enjoy!
Finishing Touches


  1. How fun is that! makes me want to get outside and plant our garden!
    We love you all and miss you like crazy!

  2. Awesome! Worst part of us moving to the city is Eric no longer has a basement for projects and we are too far from his family garden plot...but this place is temporary while we get settled in a new state...