Friday, May 31, 2013


 My parents took home a couple suitcases full of souvenirs for my family back home. Mama sent me some pictures of some of the families with the souvenirs she gave them. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you all! I have five brothers and two sisters, so this is just a sampling of a few of the families that have gotten their souvenirs so far!

Dwight and Marilee's Family
My brother just older than me is named Dwight. He and his wife have six boys and one girl! Bolivian hats, shirts, and blankets were what Mama and Daddy brought home for Dwight and Marilee's family. Also, a bright colored bowl for the kitchen for Marilee. 
Sweet Vienna Rose!
I don't have a picture of my younger sister, Naomi. She and her husband, Derrick, have two children, Kendrick and Claire. Naomi got some sweet earrings, a bowl for her kitchen, blanket, and things for the kids as well! We sent a Bolivian shirt, via a volunteer for Derrick, that should come this month!
Los Tres Guapitos
Quint, Kendrick (My sister, Naomi's boy), and Wyatt are sporting their Bolivian look! When I look at them after seeing our "chocolate babies" everyday, they look so blond and fair in comparison!

Chad and Jenise's Family
 One of my other brother's family modeling their plunder! My older brother, Chad and his wife, Jenise have eleven children! Hats, shirts, blanket, purses, and bowl were what they received. I have such fond memories of shopping for all of these things with Mother in La Concha, behind the Correo and in Quillocolla.
Tres Mas Guapitos! (Chad and Jenise's Boys!)

 My older sister, Carrie and her husband, Kent have one daughter, Liberty. Below she is modeling her handmade Alpaca shawl, her little purse and a round "box" made out of an orange peel that Clara sent her! Clara also sent a Boliviano coin for her!
Pretty Liberty
My older sister, Carrie and her daughter, Liberty!
Mama got my sister, Carrie, some earrings made of Bolivianita stone. It is a stone that is only found here in Bolivia and is very pretty! I don't think you can see them in the picture above, but they are stunning!!
I know that Mama has a lot more things to give the other families. Below is my adorable younger brother Wade with his adorable wife Joscelyn. Boy do I love my family, aren't they awesome in Bolivian stuff?
Wade and Joscelyn....


  1. So fun!!! My first summer in Boliva my host mom got me gorgeous Bolivianita earings! I love them!!! Of course I also love my various ones I bought behind the correo too (especially because I paid about 50 cents each for them!)

    Man I miss Bolivia!!!

  2. Oh, yes,in La Concha, behind the Correo (post office) and in Quillocolla: each shopping experience has its fond memories! La Concha, where you WOULD NOT let me take my iPhone and then Quillocolla, where you should have probably banned the iPhone, as well. But we escaped with it! :)

    La Concha, where the dear lady who custom made the white, alpaca shawl, in a short amount of time, had her shop. After we purchased it and paid her more than she asked (to her delight and amazement) and then did some more shopping, I went back by to tell her good-bye, and she was sound asleep against some of her comfy wares. I think it wore her out to knit so much so fast, besides maintaining her shop.

    All the decisions and fun and the good success in shopping makes the souvenir shopping one of the highlights of the trip (there were many highlights)! A big thank you to Rudi for watching all the little ones while Carla and I (and sometimes Emily and Clara and even Ruth and the boys, and Burnell when he promised to say no negative things about our choices--Carla's orders!) had oh, so much fun! Do you like shopping more in Bolivia than in the USA, Carla? Maybe it was just because we were shopping together and thinking of each family member and what he/she might like!

    Thanks for sharing this blog. I will try to collect more photos. We still haven't been able to give Warren and Sherri and David and Jodi their gifts.

    Love to all,

    Mama J

  3. How fun for all! Carla, I know it was a blast for you to shop for all these great things with your mom. What a sweet memory!