Saturday, May 4, 2013

-Of Airplanes-

Emily, Myles, and Clancy have been making airplanes out of paper lately. They have made at least three jets and one biplane. They got the idea and patterns out of a book they got from the library called, "Things to Make With Paper". I have been very impressed by both the makers of the airplanes and the results they have turned out! Tia requested they make one for her son to hang in his room. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I don't think it has gotten hung yet, because he is still playing with it! (expect a photo soon )

 Below Myles and Clancy are modeling their first airplane they made together. Myles is holding the apparatus they rigged up to propel the airplane. It is made of  wood, elastic, and some kind of hook that holds it to the plane. They liked to fly it in the big field across the street from our house!
The Fearless Flyers!

 The kids got the idea to make the airplanes with the older boys of Casa 2. They had three "teams" and it looks like they all had a great time making them together.

The Master Planner, Emily Jo

M. hard at work on his airplane

Emily spent hours cutting out the patterns for the airplanes and took them ready to be assembled by the boys.
All painted and ready to be assembled...

And the FINISHED product!! Nice Job!!

Clancy and J. also assembled a plane together!
Clancy and J.

The stripes require concentration!

J., Clancy, and E. modeling their FINISHED airplane!

Myles with D.

 Myles didn't get his picture taken with his team and airplane, but he and A. made one together also. He was finishing his paint job when they were taking the photos. Theirs was yellow with the USA Air Force emblem on the wings. In the above picture he is wrestling with D. either for the supplies or just for the fun of it. I mostly added the picture to prove that he was there also!!


  1. so fun to see your kids having fun with the CDA kids! and those airplanes are amazing!


  2. What a great project to work on together! The airplanes look great, it's so neat they can actually fly!

  3. Wonderful! Would love to be there to help! So much fun!

    Love to all,

    Grandma B