Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our New Song!

While Grandpa and Grams were here we sang a lot, and one of their favorites was "In The Morning", a African song taught to us by "Uncle" Larry Montgomery. They requested that I record it for them so they could learn the words. The last morning that they were here Daddy and I sat down and worked on it. Daddy did the mixing (adjusting the volume levels) and I did the recording, some singing and editing. Grandpa and Grams came in and watched for a while. So much fun to have guests! Enjoy our first family project! More to come!
Daddy: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
Mama: Vocals
Emily: Ukulele, Vocals, Production



  1. Love it! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. I was just singing this song earlier this morning!
    Great job, I love it!
    Miss you guys,

  3. This made me really happy! I love the sound of your voices, and the sweet harmonies. Thank you so much for posting it so we can enjoy, and praise our Lord for his bountiful mercies toward us!

    How I do love and miss you all!!!! You are always in my prayers!

    Grandma B

  4. I love this song! I lived in Bolivia (Sucre!) for 9 months in 1972-73....It blesses my heart to hear of your work there! I remember Cochabamba as one of the warmest places I have ever visited (when we were there it was about 40 degrees C with 90% humidity...) I pray that it is not that way all year, and or that you will adapt quickly! My the LORD Jesus sustain you, bless you and fill you with the ability to "Run and not be weary, to walk and not faint!" day after day! God bless you as you minister to His dear little ones! I would love to hear from you when and if you have time! Will you be able to visit some of the other Bolivian cities while you are there? I have great memories of my time in that country! Love you so, and sending greetings from both Don and I, here in Bend, OR. In His great and wonderful love! Cindi (Dunn) Email:

  5. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to record this, Emily Jo, Rudi, and Carla! I listen to it often and cry a tad for missing you and for having to leave you, and then I remember our wonderful times together when we were there and am blessed and thankful we could visit you. I picture you in your "recording studio," each one of you. What fond memories.

    I love each of you, and praise the Lord for you and for all you are doing for A, A, L, and K and for all those you are in contact with. Glory to God!

    Big hugs all around,