Monday, March 4, 2013

The Twins 3rd Birthday Party

  We had a grand fiesta at the end of February to celebrate the twins third birthday! I think you will enjoy the following pictures. Kaley let me borrow her awesome camera and I had a great time taking pictures! Thanks, Kaley!
A. and K. Ready for action!

Beautiful A.
Beautiful K.
 And, of course, Paula wanted her picture taken also!
Beautiful P.
Happy with Tio Rudi

Look at those eyes!
A few of our illustrious guests
 We ate a delicious dinner first: Lasagna, Homemade French Bread, Coleslaw, and Fruit Salad!  Our guests included Jake and Jen, all of the children from Casa 2 & 3, Richard and Gladys Scoggins with their daughter Gracie, T.J. and Tami Mitchell with their daughter Madison, Javier and Techy with their children Michial and Annabelle, Volunteers Kaley LaPointe, Carlee Van Zyl, and Anna Magee, as well as Tia's Sarin and Karen.
And a few more guests!

Tia Techy with her Husband and two children!(Behind K.)
 I think that Savannah should be happy with the above picture, because Tia Techy is smiling... almost!
Sorry, you can't see the faces of her husband or children... I promise they are quite nice looking!
Rudi, Jennifer, Richard, and Gladys

Volunteers Kaley, Carlee, and Anna
 We have an awesome group of volunteers right now. They helped me out with the babies the whole time, so I didn't have to worry about them! Kaley is from So. Cal, Carlee is from Idaho, and Anna is
from So. Cal as well. They are a hardworking fun group of gals.
Rudi, Myles, and Emily provided some after dinner music!
Waiting for the cake!

 After they blew out the candle twice, once for each twin, Tia Sarin wanted them to "take a bite". Remember that custom from the blog about Rudi's birthday? Well, A. performed perfectly, but K. was not happy at all with the idea. The pictures below show a blow by blow of the event as it happened. I think that their faces are too cute in these. They show their individual personalities quite well!
"Take a bite girls!"

Good Job A.!

K. says "No way"!

Well, how about a pretend bite!
The kids had fun taking turns with Tio Rudi's violin!
 Toward the end of the evening Jen informed me that she and Jake had an announcement to make! I promised not to steal their thunder, so you will have to check out Casa de Amor's blog and/or their Facebook page later in the month to find out the rest of the story!
The Reaction to "The Announcement"!
  Then it was gift time. As you can see they did not lack for gifts! The girls have had a great time over these past few days playing with all of them!
 T.J. and Tami Mitchell had these girls from the time they were 11 months until last November when they came to live with us. It is because of all of the love and attention they were given by them that they are the sweet little girls they are now. We were thankful that T.J. and Tami were able to come and help us celebrate the girls birthday! I thought that this picture of Tami with K. turned out great!
Tia Tami with K.
 Please pray with us that God would send just the right set of parents to adopt these precious girls. Please pray that their paperwork would be finished right away and that the judges would approve their adoption quickly. We will be sad to see them go, but very happy for them to be in a "forever family".
Happy Birthday A. and K. We love you!


  1. It looks as if the party went off without a hitch. The cake is beautiful. It is nice to see Kaley, Carlee and Anna with A and L! It was very thoughtful of them to help in that way.

    These pictures do a good job of letting us feel a part of the party--good job. Thank you.

    I do pray that A & K will be adopted soon to a family who will love them and will lead them to Jesus.

    Love to each of you,

    Mama Paula

  2. Awww so precious! Loved this post. The girls are just so adorable! It is fun to see a glimpse into the festivities! I really like the pic of B trying out Rudi's violin. Does Jen still have the collection of tiny violins or did they get sold?


  3. Wow! What a party! The girls are so cute, I love their hair.
    We're very interested in hearing what "the announcement" is. :)

  4. What sweet pictures! SO impressed by that one of Tia Techy, haha! Hugs to everyone!

  5. So wonderful to see all the photos, and get a feel of the happy atmosphere!

    I am sure that our all-merciful and loving Lord has already picked a hopeful mom and dad to adopt these adorable girls.

    Love to all,

    Mother/Grandma B

  6. Wow! A and K's birthday party wasn't ordinary. Their guests even played after the dinner and all children drawn interest towards it. I know the Twins are grateful for all their Tio's and Tia's that made their day truly special.

    Nita Digirolamo