Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christo Ama Cada Uno

 This little tune is one of our favorites. We sing it every day at Bible time and one of the little girls is pretty much always singing it!
 I recorded it on Garageband (an amateur recording program available for Apple computers, iPads, etc.) just for fun one evening with Paula, and it turned out to be such a hit with my grandparents and cousins that I decided that I would post it in the blog. I re-did it on my legit recording program with Clara and Ruth singing it in English. That way y'all can sing it and know what you are singing!
  While I was recording Paula I had some trouble with her singing loud enough so I showed her the results on the iPad. ( If you look on the song post above, you can see by the static where the song got loud and where it got quiet. When I am recording this is how it shows up.) I told her that I wanted her to make those lines BIG! I got her on the mic again and I was shocked at how much better she did! She really sang it out!
 I know you all will enjoy it and I am pretty sure that the children who hear it will be singing it around the house 24/7!
PS. I now know how you felt Uncle Chris,when you were trying to record me singing For God So Loved The World, and I kept saying, wonderful his love like me! Ha ha!
Here is the original song that I did on garage band.


  1. So cute! I love it! Do you guys take any of your musical instruments with you to Horita Feliz?

  2. This is super, super sweet. The little girls are getting to be quite accomplished singers!
    We appreciated the English version so we knew what Paula was saying!