Friday, March 1, 2013

Introducing "Abby"...

A Face Anyone Could Love!

Last evening a most precious little girl came to live with us, making our "Casa Kids" number four! She is already stealing our hearts with her easy going, happy ways! "Abby" (Not her real name, but we already have an initial A. with one of the twins!) was found in a trash can with her umbilical cord still attached and covered with signs of being just recently born. Her birthday is toward the end of April, 2012 and is the same day as my parents anniversary and our Aunt Diane's birthday as well! It is hard to believe that a person could throw a baby away, but it happens, Abby is living proof. Praise the Lord that HE saw her and delivered her into safety before it was too late.

Chillin' with Emily!

 Abby has spent the first ten months of her life in the hospital. She has had numerous respiratory infections throughout her life that have kept her from coming any earlier to Casa de Amor. We hope to build up her immune system with good nutrition, lots of love, and attention! Because she has spent most of her life in a hospital crib, just one of the many children there, she is slightly behind with her development. She cannot sit up or crawl yet, but is very close to sitting up! She LOVES to eat and is good sleeper so far; who could ask for anything more? With each baby our love just grows and it really is getting to be addicting seeing who does God have for us to care for next! We are thankful to Jennifer and Casa de Amor for giving us this opportunity to serve here in Bolivia. 

"Elegant Abby" (She sleeps under a mosquito net now!)
Thanks for stopping in and meeting our latest member of the family! I'm sure that you will see lots more of her in the future!


  1. She's so cute and so blessed to be in your home! And you are correct all 4 of your kiddos still need more sponsors! Just $25/month and it is tax deductible :) -Denise

  2. How fun to see Abby! Thank you for introducing her to us. What a thrill it is to be able to give love and attention to a precious little one who has not been able to experience it in a home setting. May God give you wisdom and energy as you nurture your 10 children! Wow-ten!

  3. How precious she is! As I sit here snuggling with Savannah, I cannot imagine throwing a sweet baby away, it breaks my heart. Praise God, that he can save, that he can see. I am so blessed to see and read of how the Lord is using your family. We miss you, but can so see how you are right where you are supposed to be. I should write you a private email soon to catch you up on our life and, I will try. But, just wanted you to know, I do read the blog and think of pray for you often. Love, Cammie

  4. She is adorable!! What a tragedy throwing away a precious life is. But as you said its a in site to what really goes on. Tyler and Abby are right here looking at the pictures with us and I could t help but think how we are constantly trying to do all we can to help and care for them. What a blessing it is that she now has a wonderful family to love her and show her so much care!!! We are always looking forward to reading your posts! We love you all and miss you. Your constantly in our prayers.

    P.s We read country cousins and want Myles to know that we ALWAYS pray that you guys won't be constantly sick! Hope your doing well:)

  5. I think that should be her real nickname!! We already have an "Abi", but not in your house. I figured that in the Baby Home she would have gotten called what you probably call the A twin. :)

    Thank YOU guys for all of your hard work and dedication to our babies!!

  6. Awww! What a sweet little girl, her smile is adorable! Such a sad beginning though! :( Like Cammie said, I can't imagine....
    I sure she will be very well loved in your home!

  7. Dear Rudi and Carla and all,

    Little Abby is a precious bundle! She looks happy and content, and I know will get all the love she could possibly have from all of you. What a privilege to have even a small part in the care of these children!

    You are all constantly in our prayers!

    Much love,

    Mother/ Grandma B