Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Grand Wedding

This past Friday night we were honored to attend the wedding of our friends Jake and Jennifer. Jennifer is the director of Casa de Amor. I am going to post a bunch of pictures of the event for you all to enjoy. I am sad to say that I did not get any of our family at the wedding. Truthfully, photography is not really my thing. Most of the following pictures were taken by Clancy. Who does a great job for a nine year old!

Ruth and Clara getting Princess A. ready!

Clara and Ruth looked adorable also when they got ready for the wedding... However, I did not get a picture of them....

The Three Amigas 

A., K., and Paula ready for the celebration! K. insisted on putting her arms around Paula and A.! 

Jake and Jennifer with all 30 of "their kids"!
 This is the picture we were getting A. and K. ready for. This is all of the children from Casa's homes. "Our" baby L. is being held by Jennifer in her left arm.

The Wedding Tent     
 This is the tent where the ceremony was held! It was threatening rain off and on all day. It was actually the coldest day and evening we have had since we have been here. It was the FIRST time I wanted a sweater or light coat! The reception hall is beyond the tent. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding!
The Reception Hall

Okay, so I found the only picture of some of our family at the wedding....and it is of our backs and the tops of our heads... Clara, to the far left, Carla, in bright colored shirt, Clancy, facing the camera (hooray), Ruth, top of head, Paula, top of head!
The Groom seating the Bride's Mother, Glenda Thompson
The Best Man, Scott Hargrove
This is Jake's friend and best man, Scott Hargrove. Scott stayed with us at our house Wed-Sat a.m. He was a great guest and it was good to get to know him. He came to the wedding from Peru, where he and his family work at an "orphanage" for abandoned girls. He is originally from Chelan, Washington where he was a pastor for 20+ years. Jake met him while he was in Chelan. It was good to spend time with a fellow "Northwesterner" and fellow Spanish learner. He is much further along with his Spanish and was able to encourage us with some hints and tips!

Two of the boys from Casa Dos
 All eight of the boys from Casa Dos were "ring bearers"! They all did a great job and looked so cute coming in two by two!
The Bride's sister, Heather Thompson
 We very much enjoyed getting to know Jen's family while they were here from Tennessee. They came the week before the wedding to get ready. After Heather walked down the isle she picked up her violin and with Rudi played "Pachelbel Canon in D" for Jennifer to walk into. It sounded great! Rudi also played the prelude and entrance music for the bridal party with another fellow musician, Lowell, on guitar!
  The Bride's sister, Emma Thompson
 Jennifer's other sister, Emma, was adopted as an infant from Russia. She is really the beginning of the reason that Casa de Amor came to be! She is a fun 13 year old that Emily enjoyed spending time with! The Thompson's also have a daughter named, Sarah, that is in her twenties. Sarah has Down Syndrome and has had trouble with her heart. The high elevation is very hard on her heart, so she was not able to come to the wedding. I hope we get to meet her when we return to the States.
Sisters S.and B. from Casa Dos
All five of the girls from Casa Dos participated in the wedding ceremony also. All of the girls did a wonderful job and looked super beautiful!
Here comes the Bride!
 Jennifer and Carl, her father, looked wonderful walking down the isle together! (Elena and Vico to the right of them!)

Beginning the Ceremony

Getting Hitched!
 During the ceremony Jake and Jen faced the audience. Pastor Joe Holman did a good job with a poignant message and practical advice for marriage! It was a sweet ceremony! It ended with the longest "first kiss" I have seen in awhile! You go, Jake!!!!

Just Married!

Inside the Reception Hall!

As Yummy as it looks!
                                    The cake had fruit and nuts inside and was very yummy.
Part of the "Surprise" 12 Piece Mariachi Band!
 Partway through the reception a huge Mariachi Band came in, playing all the while! The "godparents" of the triplets that Jennifer raised in her orphanage (see Casa de Amor's blog for more information) had payed for and planned this as a surprise for Jennifer and Jake! It added a festive atmosphere to the party!(At this point in the evening, Clancy's camera started taking fuzzy pictures...lo siento!)

Dancing a la Mariachi
 The band insisted on Jake dancing with this sombrero. He looked quite handsome in it, if I do say so myself! It must have been all those amazing dance lessons we gave them...
Fireworks for the Grand Finale!
The evening ended with a few fireworks! It was a superb party! Thank you, Thompsons, for a grand event! Congratulations, Jake and Jennifer, may God bless you with many, many happy years together!


  1. Wonderful! What an experience for you all! Clancy, great job on the photos!
    Much love,
    Grandma B

  2. My sombrero is off to Clancy! He took a good variety of photos (tho' not of the family) and gave us a definite "picture" of the location of and the people attending the wedding. How precious it was to see all the little Casa girls and boys looking so happy to be a part of the joyous celebration.

    Jake seemed to be an exceptionally exuberant groom; I like that--perhaps it was that kiss! :) Jennifer was beautiful! I am thankful Clancy took photos of all the Thompsons. Having only spoken with Glenda over the phone, it was a treat to see her "in person."

    Thank you for the report and the pictures of this beautiful event.

    Love to each of you,


  3. yay for more wedding pics and stories. boo for me wanting to cry each time I see more :( Wish I could have been there!


  4. Oh I love this post! Thanks, Clancy! It's great to see more pictures of the kids and also parts of the ceremony that I missed while waiting in back. I do hope that there are better pictures of your family in some of the other pictures that were made! Will let you know if there are. Thanks for keeping Scott, and playing, and for bringing the kids and your smiles. :)

  5. We were excited to see another post! You guys are awesome and we are enjoying following your adventure.

    The Little Dortignacs
    Justin, Becky and Isabel 'Izzy'