Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Pictures

                                         Here are some pics of everyday life at our house. Enjoy!
Emily in Session
Daddy and our favorite Taxi Driver, Christian

 Myles and I at the Park
Clara and Ruth with their mini Pineapples

Mama with Tia Teresa

Three of the Tias at Casa Dos

On the steps to the Balcony!

School in Progress!

Clara and Ruth in Their new room1

 Posted By Emily Jo
K and Ruth! 


  1. Hola!

    A picture is worth a thousand words; thanks for "speaking" to us with this wonderful variety of photos, Emily Jo! Who is the photographer of these pictures?

    It loks as if both Rudi and Carla have lost weight; a fruit and vegetable rich diet can do that!

    It is nice to see your Tia Teresa and your own personal taxi driver, Christian, whom we have heard about. I could comment on each photo, but suffice it to say that you all look well and happy and for that I am thankful!

    May our Father continue to bless you with health, joy, and abundant love!

    Big hugs all around,


  2. Thanks so much for the updates and pictures! It is so wonderful to stay updated on your lives!
    Praying for all of you!
    With lots of love,
    Juliana K.

  3. Nice pictures, Emily! Elizabeth wants you to tell the girls she likes their bunk bed. Are you going to post some results from your recording session?
    That would really neat!

  4. Great photos! So fun to see you where you are. Every picture is precious!

    Emily, we are looking forward to hearing whatever you are recording!

    Hope we get to meet Christian and all the tias someday.

    Love the balcony shot!

    Carla, one sweet thing about all the house photos is there is no clutter! Wow! That must be nice!

    You are all daily in our prayers. We love you and miss you so very much!

    Mother and Daddy/
    Grandma B & Grandpa B

  5. Love all the pics! Especially seeing my dear friends the tias. Have you learned yet how much of pranksters they can be?