Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Happy Mobile!

                                                         Our Awesome Car!
 About a week ago we bought a 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser! (Eat your heart out Jeep lovers:) Unfortunately, it has some small problems and has spent most of the week in the mechanic shop. Pretty much all of the cars here have problems when you buy them. The engine is great, but the transmission might need to be changed because it's so old. It is the awesomest car ever. (Excuse me grandmothers, nothing describes it better than awesomest :)  I keep saying that I'm going to take it home and paint black stripes around it (like a bee) and call it the stinger! It would be the envy of all who see me!

Our "Mustaza" colored car.

     Saturday morning we decided to go on a excursion to one of our favorite places in CBBA. Park Pairumani is a really cool park that is actually more like our state and county parks back home. It is in the foothills of Mt. Tenari. There are several hiking trails that you can take and quite a few tenting sites, along with a children's playground and a restaurant, which is never open!

`We enjoyed the drive up there, but we would have enjoyed it more if  there wasn't such a suffocating smell of gas in the car....some sort of leak with the gas tank. Phew!
Ready to head out!

Three Happy Chica's Paula, K., and A.
Rudi and Carla with the little folks!
 While we were there we decided to hike up to the waterfall.  It is probably about a mile hike to the actual waterfall, but the last part was a bit too dangerous for the little kids. The trail being about 2 -2 1/2 feet wide, with a 75 to 100 foot drop off on one side.
In front of the tunnel leading to the waterfall
Drop off!

K. and Paula On the trail!

The Original Six!
       We really enjoyed our morning at the park! We are very thankful to have a car to be able to take these kind of outings! Every time we drive "the Cruiser" we feel like we are on a Safari! It is such a fun car!
Time to head for home!
    Psalm 19:1 " The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament showeth His handywork."

Posted by Emily Jo with un poco ideas de Mama!                                                                     


  1. So happy to see you all having fun in your sweet yellow jeep, the girls are beautiful!

    1. Hey! It's not a Jeep!
      Gotta love it though!
      I love you!
      Emily Jo

  2. Love it! Pairumani is a great spot for an outing! I think Jen had a volunteer get engaged there years ago. Love all the pictures! and love the YELLOW jeep! best color!!!


  3. Nice truck! Although with all of you squeezed in there it looks a little crowded.
    Looks like a fun hike you went on, I'm sure you enjoyed getting out of the big city and getting a chance to throw a frisbee around!
    Love and miss you all,

  4. The yellowmobile! I like it and your idea to stripe it and call it The Stinger, Emily Jo!

    Thank you for sharing; it is good to see photos of the countryside and you all enjoying it. Between your mustaza colored car and your clothing, you are a colorful entourage and must cheer those with whom you come in contact!

    Awesomest is okay, Emily! Sometimes a word just needs to be more superlative than it already is! :)

    Happy safaris to you.

    Lots of love, as always,


  5. Just a bit envious. I had a cruiser for 25 years, and I sure miss it. It's a great, fun "better than a jeep" vehicle! I hope you see it out of the shop soon. You'll have to find some impossible trails to conquer along with Jake and his cruiser!