Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lessons in Preparation

Lessons in preparation for Bolivia living....
 Who would have ever thought that I would be thanking the Lord for Head Lice, but back in May I was (and still am). As we prepare to launch off into unknown territory, it was a very small lesson in what third world living might be like. Being homeschooled Rudi and I have never had head lice (still haven't) and
neither have any of our siblings...that we know of! So you can imagine my dismay when one of the little girls (names withheld for privacy!) had these funny bug things crawling around on her head while I was combing it after her bath. I had noticed one the week before, but I was in a big hurry and thought it just was a "micro-moth". Well this time it was multiple "micro-moths"! I yelled into Rudi, who was in the kitchen, "I think Snuggle Bug here has lice"... Since neither of us had ever even seen lice, I decided to "google" it down at Rudi's parents house. Well, several UTube videos of head lice later, (bless you folks for filming such ODD things) I confirmed that YES we had a case of head lice... eeks. This discovery was made the night before we headed over to Central Oregon for my father's 75th birthday party bash. The stress especially mounted because twenty plus Head Rubbing Lice Sharing Grandchildren were going to be present at the event! (Did any of you ever get any lice? Now you know where you got it!) I called Mother and she and I conferred that it would be best to keep it quiet, so as to keep paranoiah and sympathetic scalp scratching to a minimum. I also purchased an e-book on how to eradicate head lice. That little book was a blessing from the Lord, as it took the "scary" out of the problem and gave me a plan for conquering the small beasts.
After inspecting heads with my now expert UTube Lice Education I discovered that all three of the little girls had lice, with Snuggle Bug having the most... probably the parents of the whole group of small beasts! We all went to bed with a plan to attack the next day... We would pick the nits and live ones and try to get as many of them gone as possible in the morning and then wash their hair with a special shampoo made w/ essential oils once we got to Grandpa and Grams house, after the washing would come combing with a fine tooth comb! The great thing about us going over to Central Oregon was that Mother could supply me with some of the more obscure essential oils I  would need to create the  special  shampoo described by my e-book.  Morning came and we had a million things to do to get ready to go. I was at my wits end and had not even begun to pick nitswhen my sister-in-law, (One of my favorites. I have 10!) Lisa, called and offered to pick through the girls hair for me! Yet another blessing! Lisa came prepared with gum for the girls to chew while she "nit picked" and all of the special combs required for serious nit pickers. THREE hours later she was finally done with the two worst (one of the three only had one egg)! See why she is one of my favorites? Seriously, she totally blessed me! She did such a thorough job that that session combined with the hair washing totally eradicated them and it  was the end of the whole thing! However, as simple as it sounds I learned a lot through this minor trial. 1.) Relax you are bigger than the bugs! 2.) When gross things happen just keep moving on. 3.) Lisa how would you feel about coming to Bolivia with us?


  1. Several confided in me that their children had head lice after the birthday weekend and asked me to keep it confidential. JUST KIDDING! hahaha!
    I thank our Father, with you, Carla, for Lisa and for the good things one can learn via the internet---and that the girls stint with the lice was so brief. Their hair looked really clean and shiny and all nicely braided all weekend! :) I wonder what bugs you will encounter in Bolivia? Perhaps you can do an internet search to find out and be prepared!

    I am loving your blog!


  2. We are so excited for you all and it is wonderful to see how God is preparing you (even thru head-lice!)
    Is there any way that friends can get $$/support to you over the next two years? Will you maintain a bank account here that donations could be made to?

    1. While we are not soliciting support, we have be super blessed by the many folks who have "invested" in our going to Bolivia. We continue to be amazed at God's provision through His body!
      Shield of Faith International has agreed to allow us to receive donations through them if you would like a tax deduction. Their address is
      P.O. Box 144
      Bend, Oregon 97709
      *Please make the check to SFMI w/a letter or post-it note that it is for us.(not on the check!)
      If you don't care about a tax deduction you can just send it to Rudi Booher 1810 Scotts Valley Rd. Yoncalla, Oregon 97499 and it will be deposited directly to our account! ALL OF THIS INFO IS ONLY AS YOU FEEL LED....NO OBLIGATION!
      Thanks, Heidi(?), for asking! We will miss you all. We saw Justin and Becky last night at Eric and Meriwyn's! Becky is sure looking cute and prego! I am guessing BOY for the record!