Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Enter Casa de Amor

Meanwhile the feeling that God had us to go to Bolivia continued to grow stronger. The other
website that stood out to us was Casa de Amor's. Casa de Amor was begun by Jennifer Thompson
(along with her family) in 2003. They mainly focus on infants and toddlers with a mindset to
prepare them for their forever families through adoption or back to relatives
that are a good option for the children. There is so much to tell about them that we suggest
visiting their website , along with Jennifer's blog to get an idea of what
they are all about.  One of the reasons we were so drawn to Casa de Amor was that we could
have what we would call a "foster home"  here in the U.S. We would be able to all work as
a family and all have a part together in ministering to these children. 
When we e-mailed that we would like to apply to work with them they responded that
we would need to commit to two years minimum. When Rudi originally talked to me about going
somewhere he said that he was thinking of a three month to one year time frame for being gone.
"Wow", I thought, "that is a long time!"  One of the first confirmations that this is what God has
for us was that when we recieved the e-mail that we would need to commit to TWO years I instantly
had peace about it, somehow it just felt right!

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