Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Affirmations from God

We sent in our finished applications at the beginning of April and began to wait and pray
that the Lord's will would be done in regards to us going to serve there... While we were waiting to hear back from them, the Lord continued to affirm that this is what HE had for us. One Sunday afternoon
we found a small red envelope with a WAD of cash in it. On the envelope were the words
"BOOHER MISSION FUND".  An anonymous person had left this for us. (We have tried to guess
who this was, but do not have any solid evidence yet... :) The Lord provided Ericka, our niece,
who is currently our employee to manage our coffee shop while we are gone. (For those of
you who do not know a lot about us or are meeting us for the -first time, please check out our
coffee website, to read our business story!) Another "fleece"
we had put before the Lord in regards to us going, was someone to live in our home.
 Our first choice of a family to stay in our home were our friends Paul and Kamerin Williams.
They are currently between homes so it seemed like it might be a possibility, but we also knew
that they would have to sacrifice two more years of not having their own place. When we asked
them if they would consider living at our place, they said that they would pray about it for two
weeks and then give us an answer! They came to us at the end of two weeks and said that they
would be happy to do it for us! Could it be that this IS what God has for us....Every door has
swung wide open at every turn. 

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