Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bunk Bed by Myles

Last year after we adopted the kids, I asked Myles if he would weld me a small custom sized bunk bed for David and Adriana. At that point they were sharing a room and Peter was still in a crib. The home we were renting in Cochabamba came with a small welder. Myles was wanting to get better at welding, so I thought a small bunk bed would be just the thing! It was almost completely done when we left for the States in January. Since we have gotten back Myles has been able to finish it. It is now being used by David and Peter, as Peter is a big boy now and needs a big boy bed, and Adriana is in with the girls. I think you will agree that it turned out fantastic~! The full story is as follows: 
Clancy helping to cut the bars to size in our backyard in Cochabamba.
October 2015

Getting the bed frame welded. (Back porch Cochabamba, October 2015)
Myles had real trouble joining the round tubes together. As he talked with other welders he found out that he had picked something quite difficult for his first welding project! He overcame and got it done, but he was ready to quit at times!

Clara lending a hand...
When we arrived in Camiri, all the bed lacked was to be painted and put together and a ladder to be welded. Thankfully, Mark Mattix had a welder Myles could borrow, as well as misc. tools! In the picture below on the right hand side you can see the bunk bed parts before being sanded and then put together. Myles spent hours with a wire brush on a drill thingy "sanding" the rust off of the bars, getting it ready to paint.

Our back porch in Camiri... Bunk bed parts pictured on right hand side!

Myles with his almost finished project. 
I thought that I had taken a picture of Myles and then Clancy painting the bunk bed, but I haven't been able to find it. They chose red for the bed and blue for the guard rail and ladder.
Rudi getting in on the action screwing on the guard rail and ladder. It was a
noisy project. Notice David plugging his ears.
Since the size was irregular I had an upholstery shop make me custom sized bed pads, covered with fake leather for easy cleaning. However, there was a miscommunication on the size and they ended up being a bit short. Eventually, I will use these pads for exercise mats and get some the proper size. David and Peter LOVE their new bed and look so cute using it. It is the perfect size for them! Thank you, Myles for all your hard work!

Thank you, Myles. We love our new bed!!!:)


  1. Way to go, Myles! That's such a cute bed! A lot of hard hours of labor!
    Thinking of you all a lot and praying for you!
    Love, Juliana

    1. In Spanish I would tell you "igualmente" on the thoughts and prayers! I think that would be translated, "you all are equally in our thoughts and prayers!" Lots of love to you,

  2. Great job Myles! I'm very impressed for your first welded project!