Friday, September 30, 2016

Celebrating Paula's Birthday

 We are always happy to celebrate Paula's birthday in September, this year was no exception! All of the pictures were taken in our new house in Camiri. Since I haven't given you a tour of the house yet, I will include a few comments about our house, as well as a commentary about Paula's birthday!
Ruth and Paula on Paula's "7th"
You can see our school/game table behind the girls. It is piled with laundry and it also
looks like it has a "house" built off the side of it!

 Paula opened her gifts after breakfast in the living room. We have gone up to Santa Cruz twice (4 hours one way) to get furniture for our new house. Little by little we have been able to get almost everything we need. We still lack curtains in the living room and some other furniture, but at least we aren't sitting on the floor like we were the first week or two!
Everyone ready for Paula to open gifts.
This picture was taken of the living room w/ our spiffy new living room furniture!

100 b.s from Ruth!
The big gift this year was Clara giving Paula her American Girl, Samantha doll. Paula was so happy to have her own American Doll!
Paula with her new American Doll!

Taking her for a walk in her new stroller. Peter wishes the stroller was his!
You can just barely see our music area and the main bathroom behind Paula in this picture, taken from
the living room. 

Playmobil brought from home as a surprise!
During the day on Paula's birthday, Emily painted this phrase on the wall in our music room. It was her first time doing something like this and it turned out great!
Emily starting to paint her first "wall phrase".

And the finished product!
"Make a joyful noise..." or a literal translation. "Sing cheerfully to God"
For dinner we had some friends over to help celebrate. We also found out that Paula shares a birthday with Mark Mattix. He and Carol were some of the friends that came for dinner, along with Efrain and Jeaneth with their daughters, Misiel and Abbi.

Decorations courtesy of Clara and Ruth and hung by toilet paper!!

This is a (dark) picture of our dining room with our guests at the table. Rudi found this table on his way moving down
from Cochabamba. It is made of jungle hard wood and it is HEAVY; I will show you what it looks like in another blog.
It is really cool!!

Clara made a special Candyland Cake for Paula's birthday. It turned out really cute.
You can also see our kitchen in the picture below.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to Paula!

Special sign made by Clara. Clothesline outside the window!!

The birthday boy, Mark, with his sidekick Peter!

A couple of our adorable birthday party guests!
Adriana and David 

Paula with her Candyland Cake and Seven Candles!
Happy Birthday. We love you, Paula!

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  1. Happy Birthday little Paula! We love you very much and miss you!
    Uncle Eric, Aunt Meriwyn, Jessie, Leah, Dwight, Haddie, Robert, Rosie and John