Saturday, September 17, 2016

Camping at Diamond Lake

The week before we left for Bolivia we reserved five days to go camping at Diamond Lake, a favorite spot for our family to camp from way back. It was such an amazing time and such a great way to end our time in the States! 

Emily and Myles
"Fishing Buddies"

"Look who I got, Mama!"

Paula loved fishing too!

Swimming and Boating!
One of the mornings, Adriana woke up with a sting under her right eye. She was almost unrecognizable. We put "mud" (diatomaceous earth) on it to help with the swelling.
Smile with no eyes!

Yep, it was that swollen!

One of the many fish caught by these two!

Outside Naptime!

So sweet!

Adriana sleeping outside the hot tent for her nap.

Ah, this is the life!

Daddy, always hard at work!

Bike riding time!
We rented bikes for some of us and rode around the lake; about an 11 mile ride that is absolutely beautiful! R. Clancy, Rudi, Me, Clara, Ruth, and Myles

Carla, Clara, and Myles
Pausing during our bike ride for a picture in front of Mt. Thielsen

A beautiful Mt. Thielsen picture
Along the way we found a huge patch of wild huckleberries. We stopped to pick a few!

Rudi picked the whole bush!!! Look close
and you will see the tiny berries.
I loved this series of pictures of Rudi and Peter and the Fish! Enjoy!
So proud of "his" catch...

Yep, he's a beauty!

Don't you think so, Daddy?
We also were able to spend one morning at Crater Lake.
The Crew in front of Crater Lake

And a picture with me in it to prove I was there also!

Beautiful Clara

My lovely daughters
Emily and Ruth

In the lodge

Adriana enjoying the fire

Pretty Paula

Clara, Ruth and Paula
These four went for a ride around the lake again, while the rest of us headed out to watch Myles fly fish. We practically got eaten by mosquitos, so we had to high tail it back to the van and the more "civilized" side of the lake!
Off to ride bikes. 

David and Paula off to do some fishin'!
Clara and Clancy
Another pair of fishing buddies

A view of our campsite right on the lake.

Ruth blowing bubble for the littles.

Smores are the best!

Loving those chilly mornings by the campfire!
And now for pictures of some of the fish that were caught!
Clara with a prize winner Trout

Myles with a few of his winners

Ruth showing off her catch

And even Paula got in on the action,
catching, I think, three fish!!
Some of the fish were cleaned at the cleaning station, but most were cleaned by Myles and always as the sun was going down or gone. Don't ask me why?!
Myles, cleaning fish by lantern light
For Myles' 16th birthday we rented a boat from the lodge. It was kept busy all day. Even Rudi and I took a turn in it!
Fun in the fishing boat!

Emily driving the boat!

Rudi and I pretending to fish... We didn't get any bites!
For Myles' birthday we also invited Grandpa and Grandma B. and Uncle Ben up to spend the afternoon and night with us. It was lots of fun to have them come up and join us. We had a fabulous fish fry. A welcome addition after four days of "camp" food, was Grandma B's fresh garden veggies!!
Getting the fish ready for dinner with Uncle Ben.

Returning the boat and giving Grandma B. a turn.
Rudi with his Mommy!

Grandpa B. and Myles solving the world's problems

After dinner Myles opened his gifts and then we all sang around the campfire. It was great to have in addition to our "band", Grandpa B. on the accordion and Uncle Ben on the bass.
Myles opening his gifts, as the sun goes down.

One last breakfast at the lake!

Ruth, Uncle Ben, and Grandpa B. 
All too soon it was time to head for home and get our camping gear put away for another two years or so... We miss it already!!

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