Tuesday, August 23, 2016

June Picture Round-Up!

Can you believe it, I am finally getting around to another blog! I can't believe how time has flown and how little time I have had for blogging. Life in the U.S. is so fast paced it is crazy. 

On to the June picture round up!

We started out June with a trip up to Idaho to see Rudi's youngest brother, Gabe and his wife Mandy and their little boy, Troy. They were right in the opening days of their third coffee shop, but the first, so far, to be named Terre (pronounced Ter-uh). We were able to help out a little here and there. It was good to spend some time with them one on one, as well as get to know their baby boy better!

Hard at work!
You can see from the pictures that the shop is super classy and well laid out! 
Getting some goodies!

Enjoying the goodies!!
The walls of Terre are filled with beautiful pictures that Gabe and Mandy took in Italy. They are truly amazing and really complete the Italian feel to the shop.
Emily and Troy

Fun Aunt Mandy with the girls!
One of the days we were there Gabe and Mandy took the kids to the Kroc Center's indoor pool. Everyone had lots of fun. I even joined them for a little bit!

Uncle Gabe having fun with the kids
at the Kroc Center.

Check out those dark legs against that white
body!!! Sorry, Gabe!!

Daddy relaxing in the yard with the Littles.

Ruth with her favorite baby cousin, Troy!

"Look, Mom, we match!!"
Peter and Troy
The last night we were there Gabe and Mandy took us out to a super fancy dinner place with super yummy food! Thank you, Gabe and Mandy for hosting us. We love you!
Rudi, Carla, and Mandy, Gabe
The middle of June was a blur with never a dull moment. We actually sold our home that we built eight years ago, to the family that was staying in it for us while we were in Bolivia. We also looked for and purchased another home in Roseburg, that we moved into July 1st. We also were very busy with training and trying to get a team together for when we returned to Bolivia, as well as covering shifts for employees that were gone during the month of June.

A big highlight for the month of June was our nephew, Kenneth coming up around the middle of the month for a month long visit. He spent a lot of time at our house and our boys loved having the company. They worked on many a job together during the time he was here. Rudi was always taking them to one job or another.

Lumberjack Kenneth!

Men at Work!
Clancy, David, Myles, and Kenneth

Sack lunch time!
The boys always made sure they had their food and water packed!

The end of June we celebrated my birthday! Let's just say the the big 4-0 isn't far around the corner, but not here yet!! The kids made me delicious muffins and omelettes. Everyone gave me some very thoughtful gifts!
My birthday morning b-fast!
Happy Birthday to Me!!
I requested that we go blueberry picking for my birthday. It was a beautiful cool morning and boy were the berries hanging ripe!!
Berry picking!

Beautiful Oregon Blueberries

David and I picking together
The master pickers!

The other thing I requested was to go out to dinner for my birthday. My parents joined us in Eugene for my birthday dinner! Frosting on the cake!!
Birthday dinner with my parents at Mucho Gusto!!

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  1. What fun memories! It is nice to see them recorded, since one hardly has time to ponder and reflect on good times before being immersed in another good time elsewhere~~there are so many of them. We can be thankful that we are experiencing good memories in the making! Everyone looks healthy and happy in these pictures. It is nice to see some pictures of Troy, Gabriel, and Mandy and Terre. Thanks for posting! I love you, Mama