Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daddy and Mama's 50th Celebration

Now for the long awaited blog about my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Obviously, I am so proud of my parents. Their love and commitment for each other pours out not only to each one of their children, children in law, and grandchildren, but also to the many, many friends that surround them. I know that without Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Saviour, my parents would not be the beautiful people they are today. He is truly the reason for everything good in their lives! James 1:17 "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." My parents marriage truly is gift that God has given all of us.

                                                                The People
"The Couple of the Hour"
Burnell and Paula Johnson
Daddy and Mama
Grampa and Grams 
I have shared before on this blog that I come from a large family. The picture below proves it!! My entire family was able to come and be at the event.

The Whole Burnell Johnson Family
May 2016

My oldest brother, Warren, my sister in law, Sherri
Randi Leigh, Warren Clayton, and William
My older sister Carrie and her husband, Kent w/ their daughter, Liberty, should be right here, but she didn't like how any of them turned out!! Picky, picky, but I still love her anyway!!:)

My brother Chad and his wife Jenise, with their 11 children and one
Elisha and Kathryn, Kyla, Kelsey, Baylor, Karaline, Kimmy, Kloe, Berington,
Kenzie, Bentley, and Kordi

My brother David and his wife Jodi with their 8 children
William, Amanda, Kayla, Daniel, Becca, Benjamin,
Samuel, and Ivan

My brother Dwight with his wife, Marilee with their 8 children
Burnell, Orin, Chance, Ty, Quint, Wyatt, Vienna, and Royal

Our family- Rudi and Carla, Emily, Myles, Clancy, Clara
Ruth, Paula, David, Adriana and Peter.
I love the pose that Adriana struck!!

My sister Naomi and her husband Derrick with their almost 4 children
Kendrick, Claire, and Elizabeth
(Molly Joy born August)

My younger brother Wade and his wife Joscelyn
with Knightley and baby #2 on the way!

The "Original 8"
from L. to R.
Chad, Naomi, Dwight, Carrie, Daddy, Mama, Warren, Carla. David, and Wade

As Couples
L. to R.
Chad and Jenise, Derrick and Naomi, Dwight and Marilee, Carrie and Kent, Daddy and Mama,
Warren and Sherri, Rudi and Carla, Wade and Joscelyn, Jodi and David
                                                                 The Venue

We rented a convention room at the Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center. They provided the catering, along with tables chairs, etc. Everything was so beautiful. My parents know so many people and so many large families, that they only invited adults and very close friends. I am sure it was a hard invitation list for them to make, since my parents feel like most of their many friends are "close"! 

My mother's wedding dress...
Still beautiful after all these years!

Memories of the big day...
                                                           The Program

The program included appetizers, then a delicious buffet that included three different choices of meat, amazing vegetables and salads, as well as dinner rolls was served. This was followed by a slide show that included footage of my parents wedding 50 years ago, an interview with them about how they fell in love, along with pictures of them throughout their lives together, and testimonials from their children. After this each one of their children/children's families shared something they had prepared to honor my parents. It was a lovely evening that went by so quickly! At the very end my parents shared and then we all ate dessert from the dessert buffet that had some of the yummiest desserts I have ever eaten!! It was a blessed event from start to finish!
Sharing a Spanish song together as a family.

Singing "My Jesus I Love Thee" in four part harmony.

Rudi wowing the audience with his amazing fiddling!
Rudi and I enjoying the moment...
Mama and Daddy taking it all in.
Congratulations to my parents, one of the finest couples I have ever met. I am so thankful and blessed everyday to be their daughter. May the next 50 be just as sweet!!


  1. Praise the Lord!!
    What a beautiful family. The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich!!!!

  2. This brings back delightful memories. What a joy it was to have each of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren present, along with other family members and dear friends. We thank God for 50 wonderfully rich, full years together. It was a happy celebration and you described it well, Carla. :) Thank you! Mama :)