Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Big 20

This October Rudi and I celebrated TWENTY years of wedded bliss!!!! They say time flies when you are having fun and we have found that to be true with our marriage! Now I won't lie to you and tell you that everyday is super jolly, but I will say that everyday I am thankful that I married my man when I was just 18 years old! I can also say that the best part of my life I have shared with my best friend, Rudi Michael Booher! So Happy Anniversary to us and I can't wait to see what the next twenty will bring....

This year we celebrated out at Lago Angostura. We didn't want to go to far away from our newly adopted children. We were able to spend two nights away. We took all our food with us and it was super yummy. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but most had to do with food!!

Homemade bagels and tropical fruit salad,
along with yummy scrambled eggs!

My handsome chauffeur, still guapo twenty years later!

Dessert anyone? Mint chip ice cream with Oreos!!!

Good enough for a selfie!
 While out at the lake I was able to put together a 750 piece puzzle. Rudi helped a lot or I wouldn't have been able to finish it so quickly! I love to do puzzles, but little kids and small puzzle pieces don't really go together, nor is there usually time!
Chill time with a good puzzle!
All Done!

The yummy salad we had for dinner!

Yep, food time again!
 For our tenth anniversary we read through the book of Revelation together. We decided that we should read it together at every "tenth" anniversary. This being our twentieth we read through Revelation again together. Super encouraging to read about what is coming in the future and the triumph of Jesus Christ! Most of the time we read outside by the lake. What a blessing to be outside enjoying God's creation!

Rudi and Carla
20 years together 
 In this age of crumbling marriages and families I feel so blessed to have a commitment built on the Rock of Jesus Christ. He is the reason we have had these twenty amazing years together. May He receive all the glory and the praise!!!!


  1. We rejoice with you in your 20 year marriage! How grateful we are for your love for and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to each other! The cabin looks amazingly peaceful with just the two of you there! Congrats on completing the puzzle. May you be blessed with many more joy filled years together. Happy 20th Anniversary and much love,
    Daddy & Mama