Monday, November 30, 2015

Fun at the Fountain Park

Cochabamba has just recently opened a park that is full of fountains. The main purpose is to run and play in them and get wet, but some are just for looking at. We have been wanting to go for awhile now, so this past Wednesday we "took the plunge" and went! It has been really hot lately, but the day we went it wasn't that hot. Everyone who got wet was pretty cold!
The kids that we took to the park!!

The parents!

This picture pretty much sums up David's reaction to getting
in the fountains!!


 The only fountain I got in or under was this one that had arches. It was really pretty and you could stay relatively dry.

Love this picture of Emily and Peter!!

Adriana's reaction to all the water!
 And last but definitely not least, this past week our Peter has finally decided to start walking on his own! We are super proud of him. The first day he walked around with his hands out in front of him, with this look of awe on his face that said, "Wow, I am walking!"
And they are off....


  1. Jessie and I are laughing and enjoying the pics so much!
    John is just starting to take his first steps but I don't think he appreciates his prowess as much as Peter does! :-)
    Love you all so much!

    1. Since Peter is a year and seven/almost eight months, it is a BIG deal that he is walking!!!
      We love you too!