Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When Life Hands You Lemons...

We have started a new chore plan at the Booher house. Without Tia coming to help me each day the kids are picking up the slack! Each child has the same chore for a month, so that they get really good at it. Clara had the chore of "laundry"! This included ironing two shirts a day! Our iron that came with the house has trouble getting hot enough for the cotton shirts. Clara made good and sure that the iron was hot, by waiting a long time for it to heat! She actually had gotten quite good at ironing, so I assigned her two shirts of Rudi's to do while we were out doing some paperwork stuff for the adoption. I thought that I had explained to her that with a shirt made out of rayon, she needed to iron it on a cooler setting... I guess I wasn't clear enough! We got a text from Emily on our phone that Clara had burned a hole in one of Rudi's shirts and was crying her eyes out! We assured her that it was fine and it actually wasn't Rudi's favorite anyway. I was expecting a nice little hole, so you can imagine my surprise when I got home and saw a hole the size of the iron! Clara was a good sport and let me take a picture of her with the shirt! Thankfully, the material, that was now like hard plastic on the iron, chiseled right off and the iron looks perfectly normal. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the shirt, not even in Bolivia where they fix EVERYTHING!
Clara and the ill fated shirt and iron!

"Look, Mom, I can almost put my head through"
 And here is where the lemon part comes in... We have a lemon tree right across the street that has HUGE lemons. I sent Clara out to pick some lemons and she came back with a jumbo one. I decided to do a photo shoot and blog out of the event! For how big the lemon was it was a bit of disappointment to see how small the inside part to juice was...

Jumbo Lemon!

Really, this small inside?

...Make lemonade!

It was a BIG lemon!!

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  1. I think your lemon may be a citron! :-) Great for making candied peels and cough medicine! :-) Love reading your blog!!!!!