Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Birthdays

Clara and friends!!
February we celebrated Clara's and S.'s birthdays! Danyelle and Hannah brought up kids from CDA to share Clara's special day. Clara's best friend Gracie was able to come up too. They first went down to the river. Clara's favorite spot!!
Clara- 10 years old!!
We all had enchiladas and coleslaw dinner! It was delish!
What is a party without a piñata? Clancy and Clara made this "Snowman" below! I thought it turned out great!
Snowman Piñata
S. breaking it open!

Me with precious A.
Clara requested a ice cream cake that we call "Mud Pie". It was so frozen that they had to use a drill to make room for the candles!!
Drilling in the candles

"Make a wish and blow them out!"

The birthday girl enjoying her cake w/ S.
 Our second birthday is S.'s. He was turning 3! We took a giant chocolate cake that was super yummy!
S. and his big bro and sisters!

Ruth with A. 

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