Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Visitors For New Years!

Over New Years we had some little visitors come to our house for a visit! It was a little less than a week, but it was awesome to have S. and A. with us, in addition to E.! 

We stopped by Tia Techy's house and couldn't find S. when it was time to go! We found him on top of Javier's car! What a little monkey!

Our little monkey S.!
S. and Clara going out to hang the wash!
 Of course, they all needed baths and haircuts and such! I love to get everybody spruced up. What can I say, I just love Bolivian babies!
E. gets a bath!

....and S. gets a haircut!
Little E. was a bit of a cry baby when he first came, but he grew on all of us and we enjoyed having him around!
Out for sun!
 A. brightened all our days with her big smile!! She gets cuter by the minute!
Big girl, A!
Our kids did a play for us while the CDA kids were visiting! Rudi didn't think it was blog worthy, but I thought it was pretty cute!
Audience for the play!
The Cast: "Pirates" Myles and Clancy
"Damsels in Distress" Clara and Ruth
 We took a walk around the block New Years Day... I took my camera along to record the walk! In the picture below we tried to get S. and A. to look at the camera. By the time they looked at the camera Ruth and Paula were looking at them!!

Pa and Ma with baby E.

Rudi with A.
 We also had Tia Techy and Javier and family over for a barbecue. The company was great and the food was amazing, as usual!

E. getting smilier!
 Tia Techy had a couple girls from Hogar 3 staying with her. They had fun making crowns from flowers. They turned out amazing I thought!
A. showing off her workmanship

E. pigging out!
 Our kids and Rudi performed for our visitors. They have learned the Whippoorwill song in Spanish and do a great job of it. It is called "Canto del Guajojo" in Spanish!
Performing for the guests!
All to soon it was time to take the little rascals home! We are thankful we could have a few days with them...
Paula, A. and S.... So Cute!

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  1. What a happy New Year's time! Clancy could make a formidable pirate! Am I seeing things, or is Tia Techy sitting down on the patio? It seems she is usually busily preparing, anytime food is involved. :)

    The sky and mountains in the distance behind the children playing music are beautiful.

    Thank you, again, for a delightful post, Carla.