Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Campout

Our boys have started getting together Monday nights at Jake and Jen's house for Boy Scouts!! Jake was an Eagle Scout, so he knows all about how to get a group going. We heard about Jake doing Boy Scouts with his three boys back in November. Jake graciously said our boys could join in! We weren't able to get them to the Monday night meetings until January, but to say that they are loving it would be an understatement! Myles is the Senior Patrol leader and is helping out with teaching and leading the group. He takes studying to teach very seriously and can be found with his Boy Scout Manual during most of his free time! Boy Scouts has been a huge blessing and something for the boys to look forward to. They now have goals to work toward, both mentally and physically. Thanks, Jake for letting our boys take part!

The boys first campout was the day before Clancy's birthday and started the day Clancy got his braces on! 

On the way to the camp out!
 Rudi and our boys headed out early to get Clancy to his dentist appointment and then to run errands, before meeting up at Jake and Jennifer's house to head out to the camp site. The camp site they had planned on wasn't open, so they ended up camping just right above our house at Parque Pairumani! It is a good thing they did, because our kitchen faucet came apart after lunch and Rudi had to go to the hardware store twice for parts to fix it. We would have been totally without water if they hadn't "rescued" us! After all isn't that what Boy Scouts are for?
Getting loaded up at Jake's house!

The boys ready for adventure 

Clancy with his new ORANGE braces!

Setting up camp
 Myles was in charge of teaching a skill to the boys. He started with how to properly carry and use knives, hatchets, etc.
Myles teaching tool safety!

Joel demonstrating what he learned!

Jake giving Michael the low down!!

Clancy demonstrating tool safety, too!
It rained pretty heavy during the night, so some happy, but soggy boys got home late morning on Clancy's birthday! The laundry was as fun as I thought it would be!! They are already talking about their next campout with their troop, "Condor"!

Clancy with his siblings and cleverly wrapped gifts!
Happy 12th Birthday, Clancy!!

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