Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Christmas Tour" part 2

On our way down to Camiri, which is only a four hour drive from Santa Cruz we stopped for Almuerzo Completo in a small town we happened to be at at 12! I am not a huge fan of Almuerzo Completos. It consists of soup and a main dish. You can order it completo, hence the name, or you can get the soup alone or the main dish alone. We usually just do main dishes. The main dish is ALWAYS mostly rice, with a piece of meat, and sometimes potatoes or a small salad. 
At this lunch stop Mark got out his harmonica and Rudi and Myles played guitars while we waited. A bit outside my comfort zone, but then again every day in Bolivia is outside my comfort zone in some way or another! Thankfully, these lunches are quite reasonable, costing about $1.50.  
Waiting for Almuerzo Completo 
 After lunch some of us walked over to an old railroad bridge that was also used for car/road traffic before they built the nice bridge that is used now.

When we arrived at Mark and Carol's house in Camiri we drove, for the first of many times, over the bridge that connects the "Farm" to mainland Camiri! We stayed this time at the Farm instead of in Mark and Carol's house, as there was more room for us to spread out over there. Rudi and I had it made in the "Mother in Law's Quarters". I can't believe I didn't get any pictures. It is a small cabin with a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor and a small kitchenette/dining room in a loft up above. The children stayed in two rooms that are part of the boy's dorms when school is in session. They were not as posh as our set up, but worked out just fine. We ate breakfasts in our little kitchen loft and our other meals at Mark and Carol's house. If you would like to see more pictures of Mark and Carol's and the Farm go to my blog that I posted about our visit there in April/May 2014 by clicking here.
Scary driving moment!
Many have asked to see a picture of the bridge we drove and walked over to get the farm, so here it is. It isn't as scary to walk across, as it is to drive across...

The legendary bridge...

Our first Cantatón wasn't till Friday night. It was held at the church that Mark and Carol attend in Camiri. There was a good turn out for the sing and we were joined by Kevin on the piano. Christopher also did a special number.

Cantatón Camiri

Back on the fiddles again!
Christopher singing "Mary Did You Know?"

Ruth loves to sing in Spanish!

Paula with her Camiri friend, Miseal!

On Saturday we took about a two mile hike up a canyon to a place where the kids could swim in the river and also to some hot springs. This hike was one of the highlights of the time for me. That is why you are going to see LOTS of pictures of the event! I almost didn't go, as we got started in the afternoon when the sun was hottest and Paula needed a nap. I decided to bag the nap and just take Paula along. I am sure glad that I did!
The trail was quite narrow most of the way, with large drop offs over the side, but the first half or so was super safe with handrails. The rest of way you just had to watch your step!
Paula ready for the big hike!

Myself and Emily ready too!
 There were lots of narrow bridges to go over. Don't look down or you will get squeamish!
Most of us on one of the many bridges.

We saw lots of lizards of all types. Myles was always clamoring for the camera to take pictures of them! I am going to include some of the pictures he took!

Lizard Beauty
 The bridge in the picture below had had weather or big boulders or something take out most of the handrails and had bent a lot of the metal you walk on. It was the scariest by far and you had to watch your step, so that you didn't fall into the deep chasm below.

Goofing off on the trail!

Mark holding the rock up, while Myles tickles him!

You don't want to fall from there!
 The tunnel we walked through was super dark inside for a little ways. Not my favorite thing... It reminded me of something from Disneyland.
Entrance to the tunnel

Exiting the tunnel

Millepeed (S?) Beauty

Dirt and rock slide on the trail.
Another Cool Lizard

Happy Clancy

Happy Hikers

Emily in the tropical rainforest portion of the trail.
The last part of the hike had a lot of small hot springs gushing out onto the trail. The water varied from warm to hot. It smelled like Yellowstone National Park!

 When we hiked down to where the kids could swim there was a group of Guarani children with some adults. They told us that they were a Bolivian Boy Scout group! They were a friendly group of kids and Mark had fun singing them the song "Con Cristo en la Familia" in Guarani, Spanish, English, and Quechua!
Guarani Boy Scouts!
You couldn't have paid me to swim in that muddy river, but our kids jumped right in!! This river is known for its surprise drop-offs and whirlpools, so we were strict about where the kids could swim. I was pretty much a nervous lifeguard the whole time they were in the water. Thankfully, nothing slightly scary occurred and the kids had a good time.
Swimming Hole

Mark playing his harmonica again!

Entertaining the kids with a song!

Enjoying the river.

Myles with some of the "Boy Scouts"!
On our hike out, some of our group got into a hot spring pool. On the hike in, Mark had placed some rocks to cut off the flow of hot water into the pool, so that the pool could cool some. As it was, it was still plenty HOT. Each person who got in had to ease their way into it. It was super hot!
By the Hot Spring Pool

Myles taking the plunge
It was a beautiful natural pool of VERY hot water.
We all hiked out in time to get cleaned up for one of the delicious dinners that Carol fixed for us while we were there!
The Rudi Boohers in a hikers paradise!!
I will stop here for now and publish part three later....

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  1. Your hike reminds me of the hike we took with you in Paramani (sp?) Park: beautiful and scary at the same time!

    The lizards were an added interest; I am glad Myles "commandeered" the camera to "catch" them! :)

    Sketchy bridges to be sure!

    I love all the colorful clothes and beautiful people.

    Mark seems to be a true evangelist!

    Lots of love,