Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Visitors From Camiri

We were pleased to receive Mark and Carol Mattix and two young people, Diana from Peru and Aaron from Washington state, as our first visitors in our new house! They arrived last Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday morning. We had a great time with them. Diana understands English very well, but did not get up her nerve to speak much English. We ended up speaking a lot of Spanish together. In looking at the pictures we took while they were here it seems that most of them were of us eating! We did do a lot of singing and most everyone hiked up to the Pairumani Park Saturday morning!
Carol, Mark, Diana, and Aaron
    Diana and Aaron have taken various classes at the Facultad Biblica in Camiri. Diana was heading home to Peru this past Monday. Aaron will be traveling to Ecuador in about a week and will be staying there until January. A funny side note is Rudi made arrangements with Carol and told me to prepare for Mark and Carol and the two YOUNG LADIES that they were bringing. I had to do some fast switching of rooms and sheets and such when I saw Aaron get out of the car instead of another young lady!! Thankfully, our house accommodated everyone easily! Hooray, for a big house with lots of beds!
    On Saturday we headed into Cochabamba to go to the Bible book store, lunch at Globos, and then Horita Feliz. We met up with Mario and Helen very good friends of ours and the Mattixes, from the Km. 0 church!

Diana, Carol, Helen, and Mario at Globos
Mark ordered dessert first, because life is short you know. Aaron is showing his disdain in the picture below. When I accused him of being a health nut, he assured me that he was turning his nose up at the peanuts in the dessert, because he is allergic to them! Either way it is a funny picture.
Rudi, Mark, and Aaron

Our kids enjoying Globos!
After tea and cake at Mario and Helen's we all headed for Horita Feliz. Look who we found there, S. and A.!!
Rudi with S. and A.
Clara took up the challenge to memorize Psalm 23 and was able to quote it from memory for everyone this past week!
Clara quoting Psalm 23
After Horita Feliz we came home to a crockpot meal that Richard and Gladys Scoggins and Gracie joined us for! The kids were able to play a game of "Settlers of Catan"... It was a great weekend. Thanks for coming ya'll!
The Catansters!


  1. Hello!! Boohers , greetings from Peru! I'm so happy to read this and I really enjoy to remember our time together , thank you for everything, I hope to see you soon. Blessings!

  2. I just now found this blog post! It is fun to look back through the memories--I really enjoyed visiting you all. Thanks for documenting it! It was also fun catching up on your family news from the last couple of posts here.