Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Man of My Dreams

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams, Rudi Michael Booher! I love you today and always! Thank you for spending the last 19 years of your 43 years being married to me. You are the world's best husband, friend, and father!

Rudi and Me on the Oregon Coast (Sept 2014)
 I love raising a family with you and dreaming big for them and us!
Our Blessed Family
I love that you are becoming a handyman after all these years... I know Bolivia forces you to it!
His exact words when I took this picture yesterday, of Rudi changing out the pipes under the sink were, "Where is Ned when I need him?"(Ned is his brother who is a plumber! You would have been proud of him, Ned, he fixed it!)
My hunky hubby at work!
 And keeping with our family tradition we had a birthday breakfast together this morning.
Rudi with the kids

Rudi with Me and the kids, minus Emily taking the picture!
The kids gave creative gifts to Rudi this year. Pictures, leatherwork, etc. The most amazing gift was a song that all of the kids took five hours to create and record together yesterday. Emily put her recording gifts and equipment to the test and came up with a winner! It was huge surprise for Rudi and I both.
Rudi listening to his birthday gift from the kids.
I have included the link if you would like to listen to it on Emily's Sound Cloud account.
Here's the Link.

We had a great day celebrating the number one man in our lives! God bless you, Rudi-love. I love you more today than ever before. Happy 43rd Birthday and may you have MANY, MANY MORE!


  1. Happy Birthday Rudi! Good job on your plumbing repair. I'd be there to help if I could, but it looks like you can take care of yourself now. Blessings from Corvallis!

  2. Your birthday sounded very, very satisfying, Rudi! AND your birthday breakfast looks quite lo-calorie!

    The scriptures and song brought tears to my eyes more than once and completely blessed my heart! What a precious and priceless gift your sweet children gave you. Their enunciation was so clear; the scriptures lifted my spirit as God was greatly magnified; the harmony was good and the words to the song were heart warming, encouraging and humbling. What a precious, patient, caring loving Father we have. Why do not all people choose to worship him and bask in his love and care?

    Congratulations on the plumbing repair! We miss Ned here in Central Oregon, also.

    May you have a blessed year as a 43 year old, Rudi. We are very grateful that God created you to be our son-in-law! You continually bless us!

    Much love to you~~ Mama and Daddy J.