Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Last Booher Bolivian Birthday Bash

Well since my birthday is the last birthday our family will celebrate in Bolivia I thought I would do a blog about it! It also was one of the funnest birthdays I have ever had...
We started out to the day with Rudi and I going out with Emily to run some errands and to go to coffee at our favorite coffee place in Cochabamba. Instead of my usual Cinnamon Frappe, I had a Mocha. I really like the "latte art" they did on top!!
Birthday Mocha....Yumminess...

Birthday girl with Mocha! Gotta love it!

Birthday girl with Lover Boy!! Gotta love him, too!!

Rudi and Emily helping celebrate my day!
Rudi also got us a piece of Maracuya pie to share. It was, umm, different! It actually was quite yummy, but a little unusual. It had poppy seeds and was kinda sweet and sour. Definitely not your everyday Apple Pie experience!!
Maracuya Pie 
When I got home the girls had made me a big birthday card. They had glued fresh flowers that they had collected from our yard. It was super pretty. The picture does not do it justice.
Clara, Ruth, Paula, and Me
At lunch they gave me my gifts. They all were something that I could take home with me.

For dinner we went out for Charque at my favorite Charque place. Tia Techy and Javier and their family joined us for the evening festivities. 
Birthday dinner at "Punto de Encuentro"
Charque dinner includes: whole boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, corn/hominy(?), llama meat (charque style kinda like jerky), and fresh cheese (queso fresco). You eat it with your hands and you always put yaqwa (Bolivian salsa) on top to spice it up!! This is one dinner that usually has no leftovers. I usually eat until it is all gone or I am about to pop!! or both!!

Clara and Rudi made me a yummy chocolate cake. Can you see how old I am from the candle formation? It made for plenty of wax in the cake when they all got lit and going!

Happy Birthday to me!

And poof they're out!
A continuation to my birthday party was the next evening at House 2! Casa de Amor was having their annual family night party. Hannah made Tia Sarin and myself a cake that we shared the face planting into... more about that later!!
Tia Sarin's b-day is two days after mine and she is two years younger than me!!

First we had a short time in which Rudi shared from the word and our family sang a couple songs for everyone. Then we all had dinner, of which there was an abundance!

Some of the "crowd" enjoying the evening

Myles hanging out with A.

Rudi sharing!
I have better pictures of our family singing this night, but happened to upload this one... Not my favorite, but you get the idea!
The Von Trapp Booher singers!!

Our little S. has been making this face lately when I ask him to smile for the camera. Funny!!
Eddie and Sam happy to be together! 
And now for the cake!! I knew I could not get out of Bolivia without my face in the cake at least once!!

Tia Sarin and Me  

My face after face planting!
 Tia Sarin did not want to bite the cake. Tio David ended up cramming it in her face anyway!! It was pretty funny to watch! I don't think she was too crazy about it though!
Tia Sarin's face after face planting!
So you can see that this years birthday was full of Bolivian flare that I will miss out on next year! It really was a grand finale for the birthdays we have had here in Bolivia! Thank you all for making it so special....

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