Monday, July 28, 2014

Trancapechos for Lunch

Hello to all of my faithful blog followers. The month of July has been a BUSY one! I have lots of blogs in my mind to share with you, but my computer situation, poor internet connection, and lack of time have been keeping me from doing them. Even though we are going home to the States this weekend, I plan on continuing with my blogs until I am all caught up. Which may take me until October! So please forgive my lack of blogging and stay tuned for more! Everything will just be a month late!

Now back to this blog! The word "trancapecho" in English is equal to "clogged arteries"!! Yes, it is a greasy meal, but sooo very yummy!  It is a sandwich with fried potato slabs, fried egg, flat fried hamburger meat, rice, and veggies all between bread. Try getting your mouth around all of that goodness!
Trancapechos "El Nico"  
Avenida Peru has lots of Tracapecho places all in a row. We really like Nico's.
Our cook at work! 

Clara eating it all with a fork!

El Trancopecho! 

Clancy making the attempt to get his mouth around it!
We don't go out for Trancapechos very often for obvious reasons, (Para que no nos engordemos!); but they are a favorite Bolivian food. If you are ever in Cochabamba you will have to try one!

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