Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Farewell "Fabbi"

Fabulous Fabbi
At the end of March "Fabbi" went back to Casa de Amor Uno. It was a difficult decision to make because we truly enjoyed having Fabbi in our home. She also had made huge strides with her health and physical development. However, our plates were too full and it seemed like the fourth baby just pushed our family over the edge. With four children under the age of two and all in cloth diapers, it was time for something to change! We also felt like as we wind down our work here, preparing to go back to the States in August, that it was time to scale back on the amount of children we care for. It is also better for the baby home to "absorb" the children we have a little at a time, as they have openings.
We have been spoiled having all of our children with CDA leave us in adoptions. It is a thrill to see your work handed over to a forever family. It was a hard decision for me to have Fabbi go back to the baby house, but I believe that it is the right one!
Tia with Fabbi!
When Fabbi came to us she had a horrible fungus/rash on her back and head. I actually thought to take a picture of it! Her back looked great when she left. (I will update with an "after" picture when I get one!)
Fabbi with her "Fungus"
Before she came to our house the volunteers at House 1 fondly called her a "baby blob" because she really couldn't do much of anything physically. Her head and arms were especially floppy. One of her treatments for her floppiness was to gently toss her in the air and then catch her several times a day. It really helped the muscle tone and control in her arms and back. She loved it and would laugh each time. Within weeks we could see a difference in her muscle control.
 Before she went back to House 1 she was scooting herself ALL OVER the place. I would put her in the middle of the living room and then come back a few minutes later and she would way across the room under a table. She also could roll from front to back and back to front and almost sit up by herself! She had really come a long way baby!!
Myles on bottle duty with Fabbi

Getting "wrapped up" in Uncle Ben's birthday paper!

So cute!
One day I set her outside on the aguyo (native blanket) so that I could hang out clothes. When I came back with the clothes she had fallen fast asleep!
Tranquila, Fabbi
 Our girls especially loved having a "real live" baby to play with. It was not unusual to see them packing her around! Fabbi took it all in stride. One day I couldn't find her anywhere. When I finally found her in the girls room behind the door, totally content, Paula got in trouble for carrying her....again!
Ruth and Paula with their real live baby doll!
Like I said before it has been hard for me to leave Fabbi back at the baby home. This week I went to take some "after" pictures of her back for this blog, as well as take some photos with the Tia's that especially love her. I found her looking horrible with an infection in both eyes, a raging cold, and pretty out of it. The only thing that stopped me from taking her back home with me, was the knowledge that one of the Tia's moms was taking her home that day, to give her the one on one care she needed. We also are traveling for about two weeks starting this weekend, so if I had brought her home she would have had to go right back in just a few days. However, if she does take a bad turn again after we come home, we will be available to take her in again.
Please pray for Fabbi that she will have her paperwork completed quickly and be able to have a forever family. Fabbi will forever have her place in our hearts and our prayers! We are honored to have been a small part of her life. Que Dios te bendiga, nuestra Fabbi!


  1. Aww, this is so sweet... and sad at the same time!
    I'm so glad you guys were able to do so much for her in a relatively short amount of time.
    We'll be praying that she can go to a family soon!

    Love you guys,

  2. How hard it must be for you all to give these little ones up! Fabbi is so beautiful and looks so happy! Love all the photos!
    We'll be praying for her health and her "forever family!"

    Love, Mother/Grandma B