Sunday, April 13, 2014

A.'s First Birthday

The end of March brought us A.'s FIRST birthday! We all enjoyed celebrating with her!

A. ready to dive into opening her gifts!
The girls had a good time helping her open them.

This looks serious!

A. enjoying her new number train...

Snuggling with her peluche
 Clara and Rudi made a giant cookie and then frosted it. We did not make A. stick her face in it! I thought that it turned out really cute!
Happy Birthday, A.
 Rudi did a photo shoot of A. awhile ago and I loved how this one turned out! It shows her spunky personality! Felizidades a A. y que Dios te bendiga.... Te quieremos mucho!
Spunky and Beautiful A.


  1. What a little doll! I pray that she and her brother S. will find an adoptive family before you leave Bolivia. :)

  2. Dear Rudi, Carla and Children,

    Hello to Everyone! You will probably be surprised to hear from me as I usually just read your excellent posts and then let Grandma B. do the replying. Just came in from outdoors and cutting grass (almost dark at 8:30) and saw the great photos, and I had to respond. Seems like it would be hard to leave these little ones you have nurtured and worked so diligently with, I know it would be for me. We have had a very good weekend, with Justin, Des, and family here. The weather has been just amazing and the fruiting trees so heavy with bloom it seems unreal.
    Last evening as I walked out to the mailbox Roanna and Ellen saw me and came running to join me. Roanna put her little brown hand in mine and said, "Grandpa B, I like you." Undeserving we are, but that moment will be treasured.
    Today Chris and Lisa were here for dinner with their large family. He was telling Grandma and I about the verse he shared at meeting, where the servant in Matthew was unable to pay a large debt to his Master. Chris evidently did some calculations to determine just how large an amount it was in dollars (10,000 talents),which translates into a sum so large it would be impossible to pay. The question we had was - how did he come to be so greatly indebted? It came to me that the servant, like all of us, being found in sin, owed a debt that was beyond his ability to repay. But upon being forgiven by his Master, he failed to extend that forgiveness to his fellow servant. This takes some studying, I'm sure, as there is so much there. (Matthew 18: verses 23-35.
    It is now close to bedtime and I haven't written much (pretty slow) so I will close by saying how very good it will be to see you again and to have you living close by once more. We will miss our present neighbors who have been so kind to us in many ways, and we trust they will find a good home also.
    I think about Myles and trust he recovers soon from the illness that seems to be so prevalent where you are.

    Love, from Daddy/Grandpa B.