Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our First Year in Bolivia

Yesterday we celebrated our one year arrival in Cochabamba, Bolivia! We celebrated by taking a somewhat official family picture! I don't think it was the kids idea of a good time, but they were good sports about it!

The Rudi Boohers "2013"
It was fun to reminisce about all of the diapers we have changed and bottles we have made. We estimated the diaper count at 4,000 and the bottles at around the same amount! It is also amazing to reflect on how fast the year went for all of us and how the Lord has led us all the way and has had His hand on us every moment. We have been so blessed to be able to care for six children, so far, through Casa de Amor. Three have been adopted and we still have three with us!
The Twins, Katarin and Alison


Abby with Grampa
Paula and S.

Ruth with S.'s baby sister A.
Our original four "Casa Kids"

We have also bought mountains of veggies and fruits. This pile below cost about $14!
 We have been incredibly blessed to have had Tia Techy work with us this past year. She has become part of the family and we all don't know what we are going to do without her when we go home. Thank you to CDA for providing one of their best employees for us!
Tia with her side kicks Emily and Myles

Lydia from Colorado, Emily, and Lindsey from S. Carolina
 We have also gotten to know the volunteers who have come down to help at CDA. It has been great to be a home away from home for them. Our lives have been enriched by these hard working gals. Kaylee from California was one of the volunteers who came to pick us up at the airport and Camila from Denmark helped me with raising support for our "Diaper Drive"!
Carlee, Kaylee, Emily, Anna, Ruth(on lap), back of Paula, and Elena

Anna from S. California

Danyelle from Texas, Hannah from Louisiana, Carlee from Idaho

Victoria from Texas

We also have been blessed to get to know Jake and Jennifer better, as well as, Vico and Elena! We also have many new Bolivian friends!

All of our children have been thriving and growing up way to fast. They have grown into being a big help around the house with the kids, cooking, cleaning, and even changing diapers AND car tires! We are soooo blessed by our kids everyday! Bolivia has been good for them!
Chow time! Clara with her friend Gracie feeding the boys!

Clancy, Myles, and S. "Mis Guapos Chicos"

Ruth and Clara "Mis Guapas Chicas"

Emily "La Bonita"

Paula "Mi Chiquita Hijita"

I am sure that after I post this blog I will think of a lot of things I should have mentioned about the past year, but I am going to post this anyway and save it for another blog!

We look forward to the year ahead. We look forward to caring for more precious children through Casa de Amor, planting a garden at the boys house, learning lots more Spanish, growing in our relationships with those that God brings into our lives, and just generally enjoying being here in Bolivia!
It has been a good year. Thank you to Casa de Amor for this opportunity to serve and thank you for your prayers for us this past year. Keep it up!!!

Our theme verse this year is Isaiah 40:41 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint.". May we serve this year waiting on the Lord to renew our strength!
The Rudi Booher Family "2012" (Yes, Rudi and I have lost weight...Hooray!) On our way to Bolivia!


  1. Great blog post! So thankful for the past year of service you have given and looking forward to the coming year too! Love you guys!

  2. I am glad to see you doing so well..
    I just realized this week that it's been a year since I volunteered at Casa and met you and your family as well. I miss the kiddos!

  3. What a satisfying anniversary BLOG, Carla! You have had a rich and profitable year.

    It is good to see the photos of your current yard and house. It seems much more suitable for your family’s needs. The flowers that frame your family photo are so pretty.

    Thank you, Emily Jo, Myles, Clancy, Clara, Ruth, and Paula for posing for the family photo. You will make many people happy when they see it; it sure was a delight to me. It was fun to see the 2012 photo and the 2013 photo. You look more rested in the current one! :)

    Your time in Bolivia so far has blessed more than the local people, the Casa de Amor children and staff, and the precious one’s in your care. We who read your BLOG and weekly updates have been blessed as well. Thank you for being so good about communicating.

    May our Father continue to give you his peace and grace this coming year. Happy Anniversary!

    Also, Happy upcoming wedding Anniversary to you, Rudi and Carla: 18 years already!

    We love you dearly,

    Daddy and Mama/Grams

  4. Wow!!
    You guys are amazing! I'm so moved by the way you have chosen to live your lives! You are a great inspiration to me and many others! It's been such a blessing getting to know your family! Thanks for living such authentic and servant hearted lives!
    May He bless you abundantly in return and may you always know that you are looking after His children - Princes and princesses! What a privilege!! :-)

    Miss you guys! Thank you so much for all the great memories!! Right now I'm thinking about the diaper project and thanksgiving.. Maan that was goood times! :-D

    LOTS of love to all of you from Denmark!
    BLESS you!!

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! We have been so blessed to not only have you serve our CDA children and staff with such dedication, but to have the opportunity to get to know you personally. I know it hasn't been easy to adjust to Bolivia, but you've done it with much grace and maturity. We look forward to the year ahead!
    PS - Your new family picture is GREAT!

  6. Hi Rudy & Carla, didn't know how to get ahold of you to let Elyssa know that she needs to check a message I sent her on FB.
    Thanks for taking such good care of her!!!!!!!
    God Bless!