Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Birthday Party for Paula

At the beginning of September, our youngest, Paula Jane, celebrated her fourth birthday in style! I thought I would share some of the photos of the event with you all! 
In true Bolivian style Tia Techy and Javier hired a clown for the event. (Bolivians love clowns for every occasion) Thankfully, he was quite tame and everyone had a great time with him there. It took a bit for Paula to warm up to him, but after just a little while she did!

The Clown in his Mickey Mouse outfit!

Strike a Pose, Paula and S.

Fun and Games

Ruth and B. having a great time!
Getting set up for the game!
The clown arranged a game where the children had to run around everyone and then crawl under their teammates legs to reach the prize in the middle. It was a very fun game!

Paula crawling through the leg tunnel!


 Then it was time for cake. The clown had us pray for Paula, which I thought was very sweet and we took a group family photo...such as it is!

 It was a smashing success of a birthday party. The only problem is that the rest of the kids, except Emily, would like to have a clown at their birthday parties now!!!
Happy Birthday, Paula!! We love you!!


  1. they do love their clowns don't they! glad everyone had fun!

  2. Fun! Fun! Paula looks darling! What a nice yard for the party. Thank you for sharing this event with us.Was Paula's cake a carrot cake? Did she do the Bolivian-cake-face plant? Love to each of you!