Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In Which We Bring Home Two New Babies~

Going home with TWO more babies!
 With the departure of Abby, Katerine, and Alison our house has been WAY too quiet, so with the permission of Jennifer, we picked up two more children from Casa One! Almost exactly a week ago, S. and A. his baby sister, came to live with us. They had been selected because it seemed that S. especially needed some extra attention. S. is 17 months old and came to live at Casa de Amor when he was two days old because his mother had tried to kill him. A.(4mo) was taken away from her mother at birth, because her mother was known to be mentally unstable. Because S. was living at CDA the authorities contacted Jennifer to take her, so that the siblings could be together. CORRECTION: August 1, Jennifer just sent me an e-mail with the children's sponsorship package information. In it is the TRUE story about how the babies came to live at CDA. I am going to paste it below for ya'll to read.
                                     S. and A.'s Story
 We actually said we were too full when asked to take in this newborn,
but then realized she was the new sister of a baby boy we already had!
On February 15, 2012, we were called by the main pediatric hospital’s
social worker and informed of a situation in the maternity wards. A
mother had tried to suffocate her brand new baby to death, and upon
exam was found to be suffering from postpartum psychosis (the most
unusual but extreme form of postpartum depression). Thus baby
Samuel arrived to Casa de Amor’s Baby Home at 3 days of age.
Fast forward to April 1, 2013, and Casa de Amor’s social worker was
in the office of the same social worker of the same hospital. We were
asked to take in an abandoned newborn but we said we were too full,
with two newborns already. Then a doctor just “happened” to walk into
the office and mention the name of the abandoned baby’s mother. Our
social worker immediately recognized the name and called the director
back with this new bit of news… And the rest is history!! Beautiful
baby Adriana was brought to us at 5 days old and seems a perfect little
baby so far.
After many visits to the birth family (5 older siblings, a mother with multiple mental illnesses, and a physically ill father), it was obvious that they could not and did not want to care for Samuel. His papers are already pretty far advanced, meaning he could’ve be assigned an adoptive family soon, but now we will have to start in court over presenting his new sister. Pray that somehow the case is expedited so that BOTH can receive a forever family without too much more delay!

  They both have already stolen our hearts and have once again filled our house with noise and life! Samuel loves to be outside puttering around. He likes to watch our pet bunny and try to catch it. He also gets along really well with Leo, who he shares a room with.
(S. in the above picture is how he looked most of the first day. Check out the pictures below to see the change in his disposition!)

Leo checking out the newcomer!
 A. is too sweet for words and has been like a real live doll for the little girls to play with!
Clara with her new live "baby doll"
 Our boys have enjoyed having another "man" in the house. S. seems to really enjoy his new big brothers on loan.
Clancy, S., and Myles
  By far Samuel's favorite person is Tio Rudi. From day one no one could get as many smiles and laughs as Tio could. I think he has missed out on a father figure in his life and now he is soaking it up! Look at his grin in the next picture... too cute!
Time with Tio Rudi 

Hanging out with Emily and Paula
 Baby A. has settled into our family nicely as well. She wakes once or twice each night to eat and we are working on fattening her up like Leo...hmm...don't know if we will be able to do that! When she is awake she is bright eyed and alert. She loves to coo and give us smiles. It does seem that she is behind on nutrition, so we are looking into ways to bump up her weight and her fragile system! If love is what she needs, she is getting plenty of that!:)
~Precious Baby A.~
Psalm 68:5-6a "A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families:" What a blessing that God has put these children in our care. It is awesome to have our house full to the brim again. We are privileged to be here serving together as a family.

Another Buddy!


  1. Yay they look so happy with you and your family!

  2. Oh, I've missed you all!!! I haven't been on your blog lately. It's so fun to see all your smiling faces, and the new little ones. Everyone seems to be growing up!!! We're enjoying a night with the Boohers here - watching a homemade video of our fiddle lessons with Brenden, and the fiddle competition where Burnell competed. Love listening to Emily, Myles, Clara, Uncle Rudi ...:-)