Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Language School

I am going to give you a short tour of our language school that we go to at least twice a week each. This is the apartment building it is held in. You have to go to the "Tienda" first and ask for the key to the gate. Our classes are held on the third floor. It seems that I am always winded by the time I get there. Only when I am climbing stairs does the 8,400+ feet elevation get to me!

Here is the view from the third story window. You are looking out at one of our favorite markets "The Ingavi Market". Myles is going to do a blog about the different markets we go to in the near future.

Rudi looks like a giant next to these Bolivianos!
 Rudi with our three favorite male professors! From left to right Alejandro, Daniel, Rudi, and Jose. They have all been teaching Spanish here for a very long time. Alejandro and Daniel both teach Quechua (a native Bolivian language), as well. We have very much enjoyed getting to know these teachers and really appreciate their patience and encouragement as we climb the mountain of language learning. Emily and Myles have really hit it off with the instructors and really look forward to the days that they have lessons!
Emily goofing off with Alejandro and Daniel!
Myles hard at work with Jose!
 And last, but certainly not least, the only female teacher and director of the language school, Gladys! Gladys is a real bright spot to any day. She is also a dynamite teacher. She speaks Norwegian, English, some French, and I think some Quechua, as well. This language school has been open for over 30 years. The collective teaching experience is awesome! We always have a great time and are learning so much!
Carla studying with Gladys....
We always go for two 45 minute sessions and have a new teacher for each session. This way we get a variety of teachers. The different teaching styles are great for challenging us and for covering all of the bases! We are thankful to Jennifer for letting us know about this language school. It has been a lot of fun!
We also have enjoyed meeting people from Norway, Finland, and Switzerland. We look forward to having some fellow American volunteers from Casa de Amor joining us at the language school soon!


  1. Yay! I love passing on the word about this awesome group of teachers - and friends! Van a aprender castellano rapdido. ;-)

  2. Way to go Booher clan!!! I know I would fall way behind and have such a hard time. They look like really sweet people and yes, Rudi looks wwwaaayyy bigger than them(sorry Rudi). By the way, how is the coffee over there?? May The Lord be with you each and every day, each step of the way:-)

  3. What a great idea to share your language school and teachers. :) Learning a new language takes so much brain power! It seems that Gladys would know a lot of tips on how to learn a new language, since she speaks so many languages.

    I am really impressed with how diligently you are pursuing learning Spanish and how well you are progressing. You are going to learn rapidly, as Jennifer indicated!

    Adios, familia,

    Madre, Abeula

  4. Such fun! Would love to be there, learning along with you!

    Thank you, Carla, for posting the great photos. Makes us feel close to being with you!

    Love and prayers always,

    Mother/Grandma B

  5. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun learning Spanish!
    From talking to you, you all seem to be picking it up very fast.
    It's really neat that you have this resource so close to you.

    We're looking forward to your blog post, Myles!