Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our OTHER Home Team!!

Paul and Kamerin Williams and Kids

I wanted to introduce to you another group of people who have made this trip to Bolivia possible for us. Paul and Kamerin Williams and their four children, Beniah, Zoe, Isabella, and Josephine. They were our first choice for who could stay at our place while we were gone!

We moved out of our place on September 4 to our guest apartment above the garage, and they moved in the same day. Kamerin then proceeded to make us a feast of Wild Alaskan Salmon, Sticky Rice, The yummiest Beet Salad Ever, as well as, Yummy Cucumber Salad (for the more faint of heart, non beet eaters of the group). They have treated us like kings and queens whenever we were home this past month feeding us every meal and blessing us every time we turned around with help, prayers, and encouragement. We are going to miss you very much, but feel very content that you are taking care of our place! Thank you, Paul and Kamerin.


  1. We also send our appreciation to Paul and Kamerin for taking such good care of our children and grand children! We have heard rave reviews of your cooking, Kamerin, and, also, how Paul has helped with physical labor, uncooperative animals, expenses, and such. May our Father continue to bless you with good energy to worship him and serve the saints.

    We are thankful you can leave your home place with peace of mind that all will be well cared for and used to the glory of God, Rudi and Carla.

    We love you and look forward to hearing all about your flight(s) and your settling in in Cochabamba.

    Big hugs all around, Mama (Johnson)

  2. okay, so we finally got the hang of the comment we wanted to comment that WE were the ones that felt like kings and queens while Rudi and Carla where getting ready to go. Here they are getting ready for leaving the country and they were doing things like buying us costco cards, they planted a HUGE garden that they knew they were going to leave for us.....enlisted their children to help us unpack while they were packing.....seriously....we are blessed beyond measure to be a small piece the puzzle of The Booher Family Bolivia Journey. We are absolutely honored that they would entrust their home to us....Seriously... We love you guys!!