Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Another Trip to Santa Cruz

All dressed up for the concert!
L. to R.
Myles, Clancy, Rudi, Emily, Clara, Diana, Paula, Priscila, and Ruth
Around the middle of December, last year, we all took a family trip up to Santa Cruz. It was the first time out of Camiri for many of our kids, since arriving in August. We figured out that some of our kids hadn't seen a stop light in over four months or a stop sign, for that matter; all of the intersections in Camiri are governed by the "May the best man win" concept and unwritten, but known (or learned!), right of way "laws"!! It was really good to get out of small town land and take in some culture. Santa Cruz feels like the U.S. to me after living in Camiri. It was good to get a "taste of home" before heading back to the boon docks!

One of the reasons we wanted to go is because our friends had invited us to a concert put on by their music teachers. I really wanted to go, but came down with an illness that kept me very close to the restroom for about four days! The morning we were going to leave is when it all started. Thanks to cornstarch, I was able to make the four hour trip to Santa Cruz without mishap, but then it all came back with a vengeance as I was getting ready for the concert. I opted to stay home. Rudi went and took our five oldest children. Our friends had also arranged for a baby sitter to come and watch the four youngest. I enjoyed a somewhat relaxing time... when I wasn't in the bathroom, that is!!

From all reports the concert was a success. It was put on by a trio. The gentleman who plays the violin is from Czechoslovakia and teaches our friend, Diana. The two women are sisters and are from the Ukraine. They play the piano and cello. They played a combination of classical and contemporary pieces.
At the concert!
After the concert our days were spent shopping, spending time with our friends, or at the guest house.
Story time at the guest house.
One of the afternoons we spent at our friend's house. Marco and Sandra have three children Diana (16), Priscila (14), and Mateo (7). We met them right before going back to the States last year and really hit it off with them. Diana plays the violin really well with music and by ear. She actually kept our violins at her house while we were in the States. Marco and Sandra have shown us all around Santa Cruz and helped us find furniture, etc. They are very kind and hospitable. They are our best friends in the Santa Cruz area. Our children really hit it off as well. They had us over for lunch and we spent the whole afternoon at their house. Their community has a pool which our kids, of course, super enjoyed!
The boys enjoying the toys!!

Foosball anyone?
Sandra is such a gracious hostess, making me a special soup for my upset stomach! Everyone else enjoyed a veritable feast of chicken legs and thighs is a special sauce, scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots, and rice!!
Ruth taking in the feast!

The children's table
Mateo is on Peter's left!

Table for the adults...

Audri and Paula my litte fish!

Clancy underwater, Ruth and Clara having a grand time in the pool!!
Our last day Rudi took Myles, Clancy, Clara, Ruth and Paula to the Santa Cruz Zoo with Sandra and her children. They had a great time and came back with lots of pictures!! You'll have to humor me as I included way to many pictures of the birds, but I just loved them all!!
Beautiful Birds

I guess the monkey's were super lively and put on a good show for everyone! This is their native habitat, so I am sure they felt at home! One thing that struck me was that this zoo had only animals that would live in this area. All the animals looked really healthy because of that!
A monkey's life!!

Another monkey!!

Loads of turtles

Alligator on parade

The kids that went from L. to R.
\Priscila, Mateo, Paula, Ruth, Diana, Clancy, Clara, and Myles
One last story about this trip to Santa Cruz. While we were there, our Supernatural Powered Van broke down. Marco took us all to their house and then took Rudi to find a mechanic. The mechanic pulled Rudi in our van, through crazy third world traffic to his shop. Rudi said that it was a random shop in a "non-mechanic" area of the city, that looked like they specialized in fixing motorcycles, rather than cars. Rudi proceeded to wait for about two hours for the car to get fixed. I am not sure when in the time Rudi told the man that he would like to share the Gospel with him and his family, but Rudi told him that he would pay an extra 50 bolivianos if he would allow him to share with them. As it was a normal Bolivian family, there were at least three generations sharing the home, as well as a cousin or two!! It is also normal that the home was behind or along side where they worked on the vehicles. Rudi asked to borrow a Bible and the man brought him a gigantic Catholic Bible that had probably never been read before! Rudi shared the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ with everyone listening intently and respectfully. I know that our van breaking down, where and when it did, was a divine appointment! Since it is powered by God, it makes sense that he would have it to break down and set up another opportunity to share the gospel here!!:)

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  1. Carla I'm so sorry you've been sick :( and sorry you missed the concert. But I'm glad you guys had a nice mini vacation! I went to that zoo with my dear friend in 2008! -Denise