Thursday, December 22, 2016

Headboard by Clancy

Well, we brought to you "Bunkbed by Myles", so I thought I would bring you "Headboard by Clancy" and show you the headboard that Clancy made for our bed.

I told Clancy that I wanted him to make a headboard for us and more or less how I wanted it to look. He spent considerable time researching how to make this headboard and finally came up with a plan. It took less than an hour to put it all together! I think it turned out awesome. It is really great to not have our heads against the rough wall in our room anymore!
Getting started with the wood and foam.
Clancy is also measuring for where the buttons should go.
 We actually bought the foam and fake leather material in Tarija.
For once Myles is looking on and Clancy is
the mastermind!

Helping cut the foam to the right size!!

Glueing the foam to the board and then
getting ready to put the fake leather over it,

We attached the material with thumb tacks that didn't really want to go into the wood, but we eventually won!
Putting the buttons on with wire. We had
the buttons covered with the leather material.

Getting ready to put the headboard on the wall.
 We realized that we had not gotten enough buttons covered to make the top and bottom row equal. However, when all of the buttons were on we decided that it looked really nice to have two more on the top, so we left it that way~!
I also want to point out that Clancy made the lamp on the left for
Rudi's birthday gift this year!
 I think that the headboard turned out awesome for our first attempt at it and also with the materials we had to work with! Good job, Clancy and thank you so much!!!!
Hung on the wall with a little help from Rudi and all done!!!

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