Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Miracle Cure

This blog is going to divert from my normal pictures and commentary. You see, last night a miracle happened at our house. Everyday is a miracle, but I seldom stop to ponder it...

Yesterday*, Paula (6) had a gnarly cough. The kind where every time you hear it you wince inside. Last night after we put her to bed, if possible, it got worse. I was worried. It was not the croop, but something close to it. She had coughing fits every five minutes. I timed them. Each coughing fit left her breathless and had a hoarse barking sound to them. At one point she ran to the bathroom thinking she was going to throw up. She didn't, but instead coughed up lots of phlegm. I left for a moment and when I came back she had fallen asleep on a towel on the bathroom floor. She was so tired and yet she could not sleep comfortably, because she awakened so often with coughing.

Nothing could stop it. Over the course of the next four hours we tried everything: cough drops, a commercial cough syrup, and a steam tent with eucalyptus essential oil. I must mention that I was very worried and was praying constantly. Whenever my children get really sick I think of the Goforths that lost five children while on the mission field in China and other such stories.

Around midnight I finally went downstairs to the kitchen and made some onion and sugar cough syrup. I got the recipe from the book "Be Your Own Doctor", by Rachel Weaver M.H.. I also made her an onion/salt poultice for her chest front and back (recipe from the same book). When I got back upstairs Rudi had propped her up in an armchair that we have in our room. I put the poultice on her and that slowed the coughing to every 10 minutes or so. At about 1:30 the onion cough syrup was ready enough that I started giving her that about every five minutes. By 2:00 a.m. she was not coughing at all. We did not hear a cough out of her again and she slept amazing until 7 a.m.

The miracle is that she was cured from the bad cough and we never heard it again. About twice that day she coughed a little bitty cough, but the hoarse barking noise was gone and the cough was just plain GONE!!!

God heard our fervent prayers and healed our little girl of this horrible nasty cough. It was a miracle and we are so thankful!

Our Sweet Paula 

* I am finishing this blog a month after that particular "yesterday". Better late than never right?!!

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  1. My word, Carla! What an ordeal and what a blessed miracle. Thank you so much for sharing! Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah Psalm 68:19