Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Busy Weeks

The month of July was full of busy weeks. Part of me would like to give a detailed blog about each week, but the practical side says that is too unrealistic. This blog will hit some of the highlights of July. It will be random and jump from place to place, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

At the end of June we welcomed Joseph Lawrence back to stay with us for four weeks. He will show up in a lot of these pictures! We also welcomed two new volunteers from Chicago, Illinois, Gina and Michelle. We also welcomed back Sarah from Ireland, Hannah from Louisiana, and had a week long visit from former volunteer, Lindsey! I told you it has been a busy month! 

Michelle plays guitar and Gina plays the cello! Fun times!
We also took a long drive up into the mountains. Emily's blog goes more into depth on this here!

L. to R. Jeaneth, Clancy, Edgar, Me, Ruth, Myles, Danyelle, Clara,
Courtney, Joseph, Emily, Daniel, Paula, and Franco
The Cold and The Brave
Then Michelle and Gina, along with Emily, Kirsten, Joseph, Amber, and Myles, put on a Vacation Bible School for the kids at Casa de Amor! It was a great week!
Paula, David, B. and Eddie!
They did a great job with songs, crafts, and messages.
Leading the singing, Michelle on guitar, Anita, Gina, and Ruth
leading out with motions!
One of the days they wrote all their "sins" on a piece of white paper. The next day they "covered" them with red paint to signify the blood of Jesus that covers our sins! The day after (I wasn't there) they took off the red paint in the shape of a cross and it was pure white underneath! A pretty vivid picture of the work of the gospel!
The blood of Jesus covers our sins...
Meanwhile, our boys along with Joseph and Rudi some of the days were helping out at an outreach called Mosoy Yan. It is a home for unwed mothers that are pregnant or have had babies due to abusive situations. They worked with a team from the U.S., Argentina, and some young people from our church, painting, making bunk beds, cleaning, and just generally improving the home. Myles was there each day and absolutely loved his time.
Our boys with a sweet family from Argentina.
Myles and Clancy worked with this man on bunk beds
two of the days.
They were able to get A LOT done.
Some of the girls with some of the team!
And then of course, we finally got to visit our babies. Our main concentration has been on Peter, our youngest, since we did not know him yet. I have taken way too many pictures of our times with him, but I just can't resist!
Loving our little guy!

Bonding with big sister, Ruth!

Visiting the big kids home. The girls made a "train" one afternoon!
Their friend, Gracie, came with us that afternoon.
I also gave some haircuts at both baby homes. Let's just say that some turned out better than others. At Peter's home the one boy was hyper actively moving the whole time. It wasn't my finest moment! I am getting better at cutting moving targets though!!
D. sat perfectly still!

And I think he turned out great!
Then it was time for the kids and Rudi and a bunch of other folks to head for the mountains again! Emily also did an in-depth blog about this time also and you can see it here! I am thankful for a daughter who has more time to blog than I do!! Paula and I spent the morning visiting our kids at their various homes. It was good to take truffis and be part of the culture for a morning!!
Enjoying the snow in the Andes!

My handsome oldest "on top of the world"!

The group minus Rudi
L.-R. Jimmy, Michelle, Clara, Gina, Myles, Joseph, Clancy,
Emily, Ruth, Danyelle, and Isabelle(friend of Danyelle's and ours too!)
That evening we had all the volunteers over for dinner at our house. Lindsey brought some ingredients from the good 'ole USA for chimichangas! She also provided the rest of the ingredients and oversaw the making of them. I felt very pampered not having to make dinner!!

Isabelle, Lindsey, Michelle, Clancy, and Clara
Assembly Team!

Paula, Ruth, Hannah, and Sarah
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Crew
Lindsey, the ringleader! Love that smile...

Happily Eating Chimichangas
Myles, Emily, Amber, Gina, Me(sleeping?), and Michelle
Our Sweet Set of Volunteers!

I don't have pictures of Joseph after he got all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. He spent the first night in the living room in the recliner, spitting bloody gauze out every half hour. Myles was his nurse and slept on the couch! Thankfully, Joseph did really great after that first night and had no complications!!

Joseph helped us out almost every weekend he was here with the cinnamon roll business. He either helped make or sell them!!
Joseph and Myles at the "CinnaRollo Stand"!!

I also don't have pictures of the Horita Felizes we did each weekend, or the day we spent getting Hannah and Sarah appliances for their new apartment. Our car served as moving van with the fridge on top and the washing machine and stove right inside the door! We have been BUSY every moment with one thing or another, but it has been really good!

Goodbye dinner for Joseph at Limon!
The night before Joe left we took everyone out for dinner at Limon, our new favorite Mexican restaurant! We are going to miss having him around...

And, of course, every blog now a days has to end with pictures about our visits!!! I hope the next blog will be about their "Gotcha Day"!!

Happy Padres with their three youngest wawas!

Secrets for Daddy!
There you have it a random blog with a little of what we have been up to this past month! Hope you enjoyed it!!

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  1. Oh! Wow! I surely did enjoy it! You did a good job of hitting the highlights. Just think if you had pictures of everything and told about everything~~ we would all be as tired as you are!

    It always warms my heart to see you with your three youngest wawas!

    Thank the Lord that you are having so many delightful experiences! Your big hearts and hospitality bless many. I can attest to that!

    Thanks for blogging

    Some comments on the pictures: I love seeing everybody working together making the chimichangas; I love the pictures of the volunteers ( I admire them so much); The lighting in the picture with Myles and Clancy and the bunkbed making crew makes it look as if they painted those bunkbeds white and they got a lot of the paint in their hair ; The picture of Adriana telling Rudi the secret is so darling.

    It sounds as if your VBS was really good. I love the idea of writing down sins and then covering them with red and then pulling it up and seeing it pure white shirt underneath, depicting the way the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.

    I could comment all evening. :) I love you all!