Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Palace in the Country!

As I told you in the last blog, our house is amazing. I can't give you a full tour with pictures, due to the length of time it takes to upload photos with my SLOW connection! But I will do my best to give you a tour with words. The house has two full stories and the third story has only a bedroom and bathroom and you can see out three sides of it! Emily loves her perch on top of the world!

The first story has our master bath and bedroom, extra bathroom w/ small laundry area, office/music room, entry area, living room, formal dining, kitchen and a small eating area connected with the kitchen!
The second story has an open balcony to the downstairs and this level has the boys and girls rooms with a bathroom between, a guest room with its own bath, and a second living area that we are using for a school room. Both the guest room and the school area have doors that open into a glassed in room that we call the conservatory!
As I mentioned before, the third story has been taken over by Emily, who is loving it! All the bathrooms have HOT water in all of the faucets. This is a small miracle for me after having such sketchy hot water for the past two years.
The Palace!
It is nice having the house fully furnished and it even has some hardwood floors, instead of just tile!
Clara and Ruth enjoying Play Mobile! Thanks, Joshua!
Emily and Myles at the table in the kitchen!

The children have really been enjoying having an acreage to explore. It is mostly being used by another family that grows flowers to sell, but there are plenty of trees for tree forts and such! We are hoping to put in a large garden soon, as summer is just getting started here!
Exploring the property!
The flowers and variety of flora and fauna is a sight for sore eyes. All of us love being up out of the city. It looks like the "country bumpkins" have found their spot in Bolivia!
Cactus flowers with the mtns in the background!

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