Sunday, April 28, 2013

Los Padres in Bolivia (Part 3)

Mother and I both love to hang out the wash. We spent many happy minutes here together chatting and solving the worlds problems! If I didn't tell Mama I was heading out to hang up the laundry, she would scold me and tell me "to share the love"! Mama also kept us all caught up with the folding. I wonder if she can hear me yelling "Mama, where are you", as I look at this weekends pile up!
Snack time at Casa 1
Mama and Daddy were both able to visit Casa 1, where the babies live. As well as, Casa 2, where the older boys live. We missed the girls house this time, but we had to leave something for next visit you know!! Brothers, J.K. and J. had a great time showing Mother around. Mother has a funny video of her trying to communicate in Spanish with them. She did a good job, but it was about half Spanglish and half English with a little French thrown in for good measure. (Mother took French in High School!)
Mama with brothers J.K. and J.
At one of our favorite lunch spots.
Pretty Girls with Pretty Grams
 Of course, there was a lot more time for quality time with Grampa and Grams.
Playing Rummikub

Cristian and Marlene and Family
 We also had Cristian and his family over for dinner one of the evenings. Cristian really enjoyed getting to know Daddy and Mama.

Daddy was such a big help with the babies. It seemed that every time we turned around he had one of them sleeping in his arms. With 8 kids of his own, and 37 grandchildren, I guess he must have had some practice!

Grampa and Emily doing "baby time"
Rudi and Carla in front of the Simon Patiño Mansion
 Friday night Tia came later in the day than usual and stayed into the evening with the kids, so that Rudi and I could have the night out with Mama and Daddy. We first went to Simon Patiño's Mansion/Museum on the North side of town. We only had to wait about thirty minutes for the "In English" tour to start. It was an amazing house that he had built with most of the things sent by boat from Europe. Simon Patiño is a famous man from Bolivia. He was born in Cochabamba in the 1850's, but made his fortune mining in other parts of Bolivia. He was one of the top five richest men in his day and is in the top 50 richest men of all time. It sure didn't buy him happiness though and he never lived in this grand house that he had built :(
"Watch your step"
 While walking to have Acai smoothies we stopped to take a picture of this hole in the sidewalk. My parents had to get used to watching their step all the time, but this was just too much. The amazing thing, was that this hole was right in front of a upscale women's clothing shop....only in Bolivia!
To top the evening off we had dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Paprika's. The food was excellent. Daddy, Mama, and I had Salmon dinners and Rudi had some type of Steak. To finish it all off each couple shared Cheesecake covered with Raspberry sauce. Yummmm...
When we got home the children were just finishing "Sound of Music" in Spanish, which Tia had never seen before! It was a night to remember for sure!
To be continued....


  1. how fun!!!! seems like it was a very successful visit!

    will Rudi's parents be able to visit too?

  2. Our clothes hanging outfits are bright and cheerful, aren't they? Thank you for doing such a good job of describing our visit, Carla. :) What a privilege it was to be able to visit you! God bless and keep you and help you keep up with the wash! :) All mothers the world over probably have the same challenge with laundry! :)